15 FREE Samples To Gift Dad on Father’s Day 2022!

Blog | June 9th, 2022

There are all sorts of dads. And of those dads there are endless likes and needs. So how do you know what to get the men in your life this Father’s Day? Even if their wants are many and pleasing is easy, budgets often make any gift choice complicated, so where do you begin? Go ahead and make your list with no need to check it twice or cross gifts off with these hot items and cool offers for no cost surprises! Brighten dad’s day and all those that fill the dad shoes along the way with a gift that suits each perfectly. These free samples will make your wallet happy, too!

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

For all the sharp dads out there, Gillette has a gift that will have him ready to celebrate in no time. Whether your dad wears the face that needs a slight touch up or a close cut all over shave, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide is a perfect choice to give him long lasting results with five anti-friction blades, a precision trimmer, enhanced lunrastrip and Flexball technology!

K Cups

Make life and mornings easier with a quick boost to get dad up and going. The only struggle is…with a selection like Green Mountain caramel vanilla cream, Cinnabon classic cinnamon roll, Swiss Miss hot cocoa, Mocha Cappucocoa, Caramel Turtle and more…how will he ever choose? 

Fidget Cube

From being stressed out to the far extreme of boredom, a Fidget Cube will cure all! Everyone has met the spinner but now the cube is here to offer a wider range of “things to fidget“ with. It features six sides with a different object on each to get dad‘s mind off of stresses and on to something fun!

Old Spice 

Bring back a good old days tradition with a new twist on the memory of Old Spice! With this little goodie, dad can freshen up in no time with a dual-sided body cleanser. It has a scrubbing side and a soft side all in one! All he has to do is add water!

Dove Men

Dove isn’t just for moms! Anyone can have dry or aging skin that can use a touch of moisture! Dove has a line of products made especially for men and you can pass it on to dad with this free offer!

Amazon Gift Card

When it comes to gifts for special people, Amazon has it all! If you’re scratching your head about what to buy, give an Amazon gift card and let him choose exactly what he wants and needs! He will be so glad you did!

Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee is right up dad's alley! For the man who has every tool, things do break especially drill bits and screwdriver tips. You know, when he tries to pry that can of paint open and it doesn’t go as planned! Tap into this freebie and give dad a backup!

Nike Socks

So, socks are a typical man gift but Nike makes it a step above! From sweatbands to socks, this free gift will have dad covered in quality from head to toe!

Blind Spot Mirrors

We all have our blind spots as do the side mirrors on dad‘s car. Give him a different angle and a better view with a Blind Spot Mirror! It’s not often (if ever) that you can get extra insurance and protection for free!

Fishing Lures

If you listen closely, dad is likely throwing out some ideas for Father’s Day. If he’s a fisherman he can never have enough lures! Stock his tackle box this year with a free catch then let him go and relax on his lakeside adventure!

Men's Cologne

Just because dad’s settle down and the dating scene is behind them, they still want to smell great for their other half, families and themselves! Impress and pamper Dad with scents from Dior, Calvin Klein and more this Father’s Day!

Lowe's Gift Card

Some say gift cards aren’t personal but they are if they fit dad perfectly! He will never walk into Lowe’s without seeing something he wants and needs, so give him the card he will be glad he has in his wallet!

AMC Movie Tickets

How many times has dad taken you to a Disney movie? Many parents today can quote multitudes of lines from children’s movies but when asked about those popular with their own age group, they’re stumped! It’s time dad got to choose and go to the show of his choice with AMC movie tickets!

G2 Pens

In days gone by, dads always had a shirt pocket with a pen in it. While many pockets have disappeared, the need for pens haven’t. And today you can replace dad’s ballpoint version with a gel pen that writes much smoother with less hand strain and a wider range of colors!

Playstation Gift Card

Video games aren’t just for the little guys! The big boys love them too, so jumping back over to gift cards, give dad one to the PlayStation Store! His day, his game, his choice!