UPDATED: Back-to-School Goodies Kids and Teachers Can Score Now!

Samples | September 7th, 2022


Back-to-school time comes with mixed emotions. Parents may be relieved that their kiddos will have some structure soon; while children might be sad that summer is coming to a close. Of course, the whole family will get excited as the day approaches – new teachers, old friends, and seeing what awaits with a fresh school year.

If your youngsters have gone off to college, click here for goodies just for you.

To get your children in the spirit of the back-to-school season, check out these offers we've found specially designed for them. From fun hands-on crafts to tasty meals, there are lots of special ways to mark the return to the classroom without spending any cash. There are also free magazines and books up for grabs to get young minds back in reading mode – and even some freebies for teachers!

And while some kids are already back to the homework grind, others won't go back for a couple of weeks so we'll keep scoping out the best BTS offers and updating this slideshow with the latest!

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