Claim Your FREE Cajun Filet Biscuit From Bojangles!

Samples | November 30th, 2022


Savvy Sample: Free Cajun Filet Biscuit from Bojangles.
Region: Bojangles has more than 750 locations across the United States.
How to Claim: Download the Bojangles mobile app. The offer will be available in your account after registering.
Bonus Info: You can also snag a free Bo-Berry Biscuit when you sign up for the Bojangles e-club.

Can you go to Bojangles and not get a biscuit with your meal? That’s like not getting fries with your burger. Try one of its delicious biscuits for free with this tasty offer.

Those of you who are opting for the fries instead can discover tons of other tasty free samples available here.

Fried chicken is just better with a biscuit to go with it. Claim this offer from Bojangles to enjoy a free Cajun Filet Biscuit! The offer is available for new app signups through December 10, 2022. Just download the Bojangles app and register for your account. The offer will be available in the app to use right away. 

Make sure your next Bojangles meal isn’t lonely. Click here to claim your free Cajun Filet Biscuit from Bojangles!

Savvy Star Rating: 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

  • Bojangles has been in business since 1977! 
  • This is offered directly from Bojangles. 
  • Download the Bojangles app to claim this offer.  
  • This Savvy Sample is available through December 10, 2022. 
  • This offer can be a tasty addition to your meal! 

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