Enter for a Chance to Win a $300 Massage Gun!

Sweepstakes | July 16th, 2022


Prize: One massage gun
How to Enter: Click “play now” to play the memory game and your instant win game results will be displayed on screen. No worries on your score as winners will be picked randomly
End DateSeptember 28, 2022, at 11:59 pm ET

Have fun as you enter to reap great rewards!

Brooks Sports is giving 300 lucky winners a massage gun with a value of $300 each!

Most are becoming more aware and educated on health-related topics as well as ways to improve. There's jogging, cycling, hiking, swimming, and simply walking. Whether just beginning or crossing the line to being a pro, muscle aches happen. Stretching and massaging will help you heal and encourage you to continue your journey toward a better, healthier you! Having the means for an effective massage will keep your muscles healthy and your goals attainable! To help with the cause, 20 grand prize winners will receive a massage gun valued at $300 each to reward you at the end of each journey and help keep you moving!
When we complete the run and exercise daily, chances are we'll be reaching for cramps and charlie horses if we don't stretch and massage. Handy massagers will help with the obvious aches, but what about your face? With your neck down getting in shape, let your face in on the action with toning and wrinkle reduction provided with a face roller! This rose quartz roller will get the job done and can be purchased here at a 44% savings! 

Click here to enter for the chance to win the reward relieving comfort and on track toward the ultimate win of health!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.