Enter for a Chance to Win a Bird Watching Wonderland!

Sweepstakes | December 7th, 2021


Prize: Bird supplies and a year of organic wild bird seed
How to Enter: Fill in your email, cell phone, and zip code on the entry form. 
End Date: December 24, 2021, at 11:59 pm EST

Happy holidays to nature's feathered miracles! 

Quantum Cognition is giving away $1,500 in bird and bird watching prizes to one grand prize winner!

You don't have to travel to exotic places to catch a glimpse of beauty! Set out on a smaller journey to your own backyard with everything you need to not only watch these flying creations but also treat them to a winter's feast! You might be surprised at what you will see nestled in your own part of the world. Enter for a Christmas Eve win that includes $500 for a year of Flying Colors premium organic wild bird food which is sustainably produced and toxin-free. The seed will be delivered to your door monthly. Also included in this incredible prize bundle are $300 for professional bird-watching binoculars from Nikon, $150 for a backyard bird feeder of winner's choice, $150 for the best bird guides from David Allen Sibley, and $150 for bird watching supplies and outdoor gear from EcoPath! The total prize value is approximately $1,500! 

As you watch and hope for a win and a gaze at the beauty in flight or resting on a tree branch, you'll need a place of comfort as you watch. These Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chairs, set of two, are the perfect place to sit and watch. Right now, they are also the perfect price at 33% off! Click here to see more!

Now that the seats are saved and ready, click here for your chance to win the rest of the package!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.