Enter for a Chance to Win a SAPJACK Prize Package!

Sweepstakes | July 19th, 2022


Prize: One SAPJACK starter pack, syrup, and a cooler 
How to Enter: Fill in your name and email on the entry form 
End Date: August 31, 2022, at 11:59 pm EST

Any meal can be a little sweeter with the right ingredients and a touch of love!

SAPJACK is giving three grand prize winners a bundle that will serve up the comfort food feel any time of day!

Toss the harmful, artificial, “no idea what you're consuming” syrup and go with the real stuff produced by the trees themselves! SAPJACK products give you the true taste of the forest straight to your table from the hills of Vermont and the natural goodness of their 20,000-acre forests! They live there, so they know! They will soon be sharing the incredible taste along with some other goodies with three lucky winners! This lucky trio will each receive a SAPJACK Starter Kit, two bottles of SAPJACK Organic Maple Syrup, and a Soft Pack Cooler!

When you have the best in organic maple syrup in your pantry, keep the pancakes, bacon, and sausage coming quickly with an electric griddle! Frying pans can't keep up with a 160-square-inch cooking surface! Get your large space at a small price here while the deal is hot!

Discover the best gift from the forest! Click here and enter soon for your chance to be one of the lucky winners!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.