Enter for a Chance to Win a Tornado Spin Mop System!

Sweepstakes | June 1st, 2022


Prize: One Tornado Spin Mop System
How to Enter: Fill in your name, email, and address on the entry form
End Date: September 5, 2022,at 11:59 pm MST

Clean up quickly when your little tornadoes spin dirt through your home!

The Libman Company is giving away one Tornado Spin Mop System daily for 100 days!

The Libman Tornado Spin Mop System includes the spin mop and bucket for an all-in-one mopping kit. It includes a stainless steel spin chamber and the stainless steel mop handle has a locking lever allowing you to adjust the mop length. You can control the dampness of the mop by the number of times you push the handle down…one push for a damp mop or multiple times for a drier mop. The mop is designed with a large microfiber, machine washable mop head that absorbs and removes more water so your floors dry fast! The heavy-duty bucket and spinning chamber work together for removing water and dirt thoroughly from the mop head. This mop works by sliding the small plastic piece up the bottom of the wand and twisting it. As you twist, the mop head will wrap itself around the wand, helping to wring out the water. You can use cleaners or simply vinegar and water for a safe, non-chemical clean. One hundred winners will be randomly selected daily for 100 days to receive one Tornado Spin Mop System!

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With 100 winners to be chosen, your chances are great to be one of them! Click here to enter for your chance to clean up and score a prize!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.