Save 28% on an Electronic Digital Steel Safe!

Deals | June 18th, 2022


Discounted Item: One digital home safe
Price at time of Publishing: $53.99

Feel secure knowing your valuables are, too!

Store your smaller treasures in this digital safe box that can be mounted on your wall or floor if you choose to keep it in one place. This safe is protected with an LED keypad that can be programmed with master and guest codes that are three to eight digits long. It comes with two manual override keys so you will never have to worry about getting locked out if you forget the code. Your safe will be protected from intruders with the feature of a 20-second alarm sounding after three incorrect entries. After three more incorrect entries, it will sound for five minutes, alerting you of attempted theft or break-in. 

The Stalwart Electronic Digital Steel Safe with an LED Keypad is now $53.99, down from $74.99, a savings of $21!

Click here for a small price to pay for a huge amount of security!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.