Save 28% on Wet Nap 100-Count Individual Wipes!

Deals | November 21st, 2023


Discounted Item: Wet Nap 100-Count Individual Wipes
Price at time of Publishing: $5.75

Messes happen so be ready with wipes that go with you anywhere!

Unless you have a baby, those big packages of wipes are inconvenient to grab and go. With this pack of 100 wet wipes, you can stuff some in your purse, in your pocket, in your vehicle glove compartment, your office drawer and basically anywhere to have a remedy for sudden mishaps. Or if you need a way for cleansing your hands before you eat but are not near running water, this is the perfect solution. Need to wipe off your table when dining out? This is an awesome idea and product. There are so many uses for this 100 pack of portable disposable wipes, so stock up now and catch the discounted deal!

This 100-Count of Wet Nap Individual Wipes is now $5.75, down from $7.95, a savings of $2.20! 

Click here and save on the perfect companion to capture germs, spills and more before they have a chance to sink in!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.