Save 29% on a 60 Egg Refrigerator Drawer Holder!

Deals | August 11th, 2022


Discounted Item: Refrigerator storage for up to 60 eggs
Price at time of Publishing: $21.39

Forget the fumbling with egg cartons and move on to something so much better!

These egg storage containers are super sturdy, keeping your delicate eggs covered. They are constructed to allow stacking which in turn gives extra storage space. This unique drawer-type design is dust and moisture-proof to keep your eggs fresh longer. It is made of food-grade PP material that is safety and environmentally approved. You will feel better when you open your fridge to clean, easy-to-reach organization. This setup holds up to 60 eggs with 30 rounds per layer. Each tray has a groove design where each egg is placed separately, preventing eggs from bumping and breaking.

The Hershuing 60 Grid Large Capacity Egg Holder for Refrigerator is now $21.39, down from $29.99, a savings of $8.60!

Click here to go ahead and stock up without awkward storage preventing you from keeping plenty of nutritious eggs on hand. 

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.