Save 30% on a Lavender 2-in-1 Heat and Ice Eye Mask!

Deals | September 11th, 2023


Discounted Item: A Lavender 2-in-1 Heat and Ice Eye Mask
Price at time of Publishing: $13.99

Here is a literal dream package for your eyes!

Sometimes no matter how many hours of sleep you get, your tired eyes still make you feel exhausted. This mask is designed with the perfect combination to change that. You will relax and relieve tension with the soothing, luxuriously plush cover that includes one aromatherapy heating pack and one gel beads pack. The aromatherapy heating pack is filled with lavender, chamomile and flax seeds which provides long-lasting, moist, hot or cold therapy. The warm eye compress features natural flax seeds to absorb moisture from the air to hydrate, which relieves eye fatigue, dry eye, dark circles, eye edema, redness, itching, inflammation and other issues related to long hours on computers and phones. 

This Lavender 2-in-1 Heat and Ice Eye Mask is now $13.99, down from $19.99, a savings of $6.00! 

Click here to give your eyes…and the rest of you…the peace, rest and rejuvenation they need!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.