Save 30% on a NUK Anti Colic Baby Bottle Set!

Deals | March 9th, 2022


Discounted Item: A NUK Baby Bottle Set
Price at time of Publishing: $20.99

Add comfort and bonding to feeding time!

These NUK Smooth Flow Bottles are eye-catching to babies with the beautiful, stand-out dot design. Reduce the chances of colic with a unique nipple design that allows the baby to control the flow rate. This set includes two 5-oz bottles with slow flow nipples, two 10-oz bottles with medium flow nipples, three NUK orthodontic silicone pacifiers, a learner cup transition kit, and two fast flow nipples. The smooth flow bottle nipple adjusts the flow based on how your baby drinks. The SafeTemp blue thermometer indicator fades when milk is too hot and reappears when milk has cooled to a safe temperature. The two-piece Learner Cup kit includes a soft spout and handles for an easy transition to a Sippy cup.

The NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle Newborn Gift Set is now $20.99, down from $29.99, a savings of $9.00! 

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