Save 30% on a Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper!

Deals | September 15th, 2021


Discounted Item: Silicone Popcorn Popper
Price at time of Publishing: $13.99

While you're wishing for a win of a theater at home, pop some corn!

You can have popcorn hot and ready fast when you pop it in the microwave! This silicone popcorn popper is the safe way to eat and serve popcorn! Your treat will be free of toxins, BPA, PVC, and the questionable coating in microwave popcorn bags. The heat-resistant silicone spreads heat evenly to give you up to 15 cups of popcorn with very few unpopped kernels.

Simply add the unpopped kernels, oil if desired, with seasonings and your theater snack will be ready in no time! The bowl and lid are dishwasher safe and feature a collapsible design of only 2.3 inches. Save space, time, and unhealthy additives!

The Original Popco Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper is now $13.99, down from $19.90, a savings of $5.91!

As you shoot for the stars and enter for a theater system win, click here to have this Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper ready to make your entertainment complete!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.