Save 33% on a Relx Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer!

Deals | October 12th, 2021


Discounted Item: Three-Drawer Cosmetic Makeup Organizer!
Price at time of Publishing: $30.99

Store your beauty products in a beautiful place!

Your cosmetics will glisten with beauty even before you apply them when stored in this protective organizer! It features multiple, varying-sized spaces with the top allowing ample room for taller items while the three drawers will take care of everything else!

All corners are smooth to prevent scratching your surfaces and it comes with a black liner to prevent scratches on the organizer itself. Keep your makeup clean and dust-free with the curved protective lid. This is a strong, yet beautiful way to protect and organize your personal belongings.

The Relx Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer is now $30.99, down from $45.99, a savings of $15.00!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.