Save 35% on 20 Reusable Ice Cubes!

Deals | September 22nd, 2022


Discounted Item: Reusable ice cubes, pack of 20
Price at time of Publishing: $7.19

Ice is always nice, especially when it doesn't melt!

These reusable and re-freezable ice cubes are made of BPA-free food-grade plastic and distilled water so you can feel completely confident when using them for family and guests. When frozen, they will keep drinks cold for up to 1 1/2 hours! Simply freeze them and use them just as you would regular ice cubes without the worry of your drinks or punch bowl contents becoming diluted. Each cube is approximately a one-inch square in size and filled with purified water so they are perfectly safe should the outer surface ever crack. When finished using, wash, dry, and refreeze them for the next use. You will never be without cold drinks again! 

This 20-Count Pack of Reusable, Refreezable Ice Cubes is now $7.19, down from $10.99, a savings of $3.80!

Click here to save your wallet and always keep your cool!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.