Save 36% on Dixie Perfectouch Disposable Hot Cups!

Deals | November 3rd, 2021


Discounted Item: Disposable cups for hot beverages
Price at time of Publishing: $13.35

Here's the cup for those who like it hot!

Dixie has created a paper cup with a special coating that makes holding hot beverages more comfortable! This is a cup that feels much like Styrofoam but is actually textured, a biodegradable paper that is much better for the environment! It holds twelve ounces of liquid to give plenty of room for beverages without sloshing over!

You get 100 cups so it is the perfect purchase for parties and large gatherings. The decorative coffee design is adorable and a great addition to a coffee bar. This cup is also ideal for cold drinks, ice cream, and kids' drinks. Stock up now for your own morning coffee and for the festive celebrations ahead!

These Dixie Perfectouch Disposable Hot Cups are now $13.35, down from $20.99, a savings of $7.64!

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