Save 38% on a Hand Held Castable Fish Finder!

Deals | November 16th, 2023


Discounted Item: A Hand Held Castable Fish Finder
Price at time of Publishing: $42.99

Find where the fish hide each and every season!

This handy helper is designed to be easy for beginners yet is accurate enough for all levels of fishing. Having a portable fish finder will give you the ideal fishing gear for ice fishing, as well as from a boat, on the shore or even a pier.  It detects and displays water depth, approximate fish location as well as weeds and rocks that could snag your line. The sonar transducer works in a 45 degree beam angle when immersed into the water which can detect location in up to 328-feet of water depth below the sonar sensor. When the tool detects the fish moving in the area, the accurate fish location will be displayed on the right column of the screen on the fish finder.  

This Hand Held Castable Fish Finder is now $42.99, down from $69.00, a savings of $26.01! 

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