Save 38% on a Six Pack of Lens and Screen Cleaning Cloths!

Deals | September 6th, 2022


Discounted Item: Glass and electronics cleaning cloths
Price at time of Publishing: $4.90

Send smudges on their way with easy removal brought to you by the magic of microfiber! 

Microfiber cloth will easily remove dust, streaks, grime, fingerprints, dirt, and oily smudges from your delicate glass surfaces without scratching or scuffing. Each of these cloths comes in its own PVC bag so that they are always like new and ready to use. They are made from optical grade microfiber with a unique saw tooth edge to prevent fraying. Never miss a view or a photo due to blurry circumstances when you have this convenient cleaning miracle on hand at all times! 

The Bilymate Multi-Purpose Microfiber Lens, Screen, and Glass Cleaning Cloths are now $4.90, down from $7.90, a savings of $3.00!

Click here and stock up on the savings and the peace of mind in knowing you can see clearly at all times! 

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.