Save 39% on Organic Muscle Relaxing Salts!

Deals | December 14th, 2021


Discounted Item: Organic Muscle Relaxing Salts
Price at time of Publishing: $14.59

Get a deep cleanse for your muscles and so much more!

Whether standing for hours or a deep-seated workout, your muscles will thank you when you submerge them in soothing pure sea mineral magnesium chloride crystals! Add these to your bath to give your tired body much-needed relief! Magnesium chloride bath flakes are better suited for the topical application than Epsom salts. If cold weather is making dry skin worse, magnesium flakes can help with that as well as it stabilize hormonal imbalances and improve cellular processes while detoxing.

Another plus of magnesium in the bath is promoting a natural calm and stress relief. Soaking in these muscle relaxing bath salts is more absorbent than taking the pill form, and so much easier! These raw magnesium bath flakes will relax muscles, relieve restless leg syndrome, cramps, headaches, and joint pain! This is a three-pound package. 

The Organic RAW Magnesium Flakes Bath Salts are now $14.59, down from $23.97, a savings of $9.38!

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