Save 40% on a Vetro Power Upholstery Protector!

Deals | September 14th, 2021


Discounted Item: Vetro Power Upholstery Protector
Price at time of Publishing: $8.99

Keep your fabrics looking new!

This is the fabric protector and stain repellent that is nontoxic with one application lasting up to a year! It is safe for most fabrics including cotton, suede, leather, wool, silk, and more! It leaves behind a thin, invisible coating that makes liquid spills bead up and rolls right off, taking dirt and debris along with it! You'll have clean, fresh fabrics longer without worries of changing the color, look and feel or leaving behind unpleasant odors!

Vetro Power Upholstery Protector is now $8.99, down from $14.99, a savings of $6.00!

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