Save 41% on a Gorilla Grip Ice Cream Scoop!

Deals | January 7th, 2022


Discounted Item: A Gorilla Grip Ice Cream Scoop
Price at time of Publishing: $9.96

This is the gentle giant in ice cream scooping!

This dishwasher-safe kitchen tool won't bend or break even when scooping the hardest ice cream. It is made of highly durable zinc alloy metal with a scoop that glides through ice cream effortlessly. The handle is slip-resistant with notches to lift container lids. The shape of the scooper allows you to scoop perfect curls, beautiful scoops, and larger portions in one dip. It is also the perfect tool for scooping pumpkins, melons, cookie dough, pancake batter, and much more!

The Gorilla Grip Ice Cream Scoop is now $9.96, down from $16.99, a savings of $7.03!

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