Save 42% on an Electric Crayon Sharpener!

Deals | June 15th, 2022


Discounted Item: One electric crayon sharpener
Price at time of Publishing: $52.67

Now you can keep crayons in tip-top condition!

When the box of crayons comes out, no one wants the flat-tipped choices! Stay in the lines and color your best work with a like-new, sharp tip! This electric sharpener is made specifically for crayons and sharpens quickly and easily while it automatically peels back each crayon's paper cover and brings back the original shape. Features include a unique cutting mechanism, extra blade cartridge, and convenient cleaning brush to remove excess buildup. Everything you need for fresh-cut crayons is included!  

The X-ACTO Crayon Pro Electric Crayon Sharpener is now $52.67, down from $90.29, a savings of $37.62!

Click here while you can save a bundle of cash and save your crayons from a life cut too short!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.