Save 48% on a White Noise Sleep Therapy Machine!

Deals | July 19th, 2022


Discounted Item: One white noise sleep aid machine
Price at time of Publishing: $16.99

Finally, soothing sleep is at your fingertips!

This machine is small but does an incredible job of producing a great sleep environment! The compact size allows easy placement in most any place with a volume that turns up to be heard as well as larger machines. The machine plugs into your wall outlet with no battery option, which means it won't stop working due to weak batteries. Features include many different sound options including nature, fan, white noise, and music with many options and types of noises under each genre. It also lets you start where you left off so whatever sound and volume you had it on last when you turn it back on, it is still there without searching or starting over. It can run continuously with no need to set a timer and deal with interruptions. 

The elesories Sleep Therapy Sound Machine is now $16.99, down from $32.99, a savings of $16.00!

Click here and change the depth of your sleep with a small price to pay!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.