Save 50% on a Food Storage Vacuum Sealer!

Deals | September 25th, 2023


Discounted Item: A Food Storage Vacuum Sealer
Price at time of Publishing: $49.99 

Clean up and save big with vacuum food storage!

We all know that strange things can happen to make a simple trip to the grocery store almost impossible. So, be sure you have some tasty nutrition on hand and stored right with a vacuum sealer. This vacuum food sealing system keeps food fresh up to seven times longer than other options. With this kitchen helper, you will avoid food waste which saves you money. Using the different modes you can customize to extend preservation. Features include a pulse function that allows you to control the pressure manually for your desired vacuum effect. This option helps to keep the shape of food intact over the automatic versions. When vacuum sealing, you can prep meals ahead and store freeze-dried foods to save time and money. The high-density sealing foam gasket promises an air-tight seal with no air leakage. This deal also includes an extra replacement sealing foam gasket.

This Food Storage Vacuum Sealer is now $49.99, down from $99.99, a savings of $50.00! 

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