Save 50% on a Mario RC Racer!

Deals | March 13th, 2023


Discounted Item: One remote Mario racer
Price at time of Publishing: $39.44

Get ready, get set, and GO for this fantastic deal!

If you've ever seen Mario in action, you've seen him get whacked and shrink. That is no longer a problem with this mini anti-gravity racer! This new smaller version RC racer will allow Mario to race in standard mode or flip into anti-gravity mode to perform flips and tricks with the simple press of a button. Mario will even be popping wheelies and doing 360-degree spins while improving motor skills and creating giggles! This little kart has up to a 100′ range as well as hours of fun for little ones…away from eye-straining electronic devices! 

The Nintendo Super Mario Kart Anti-Gravity Mini RC Racer is now $39.44, down from $79.19, a savings of $39.75!

Click here and take a spin toward saving some serious cash while adding the fun only Mario can bring!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.