Save 51% on Arm and Hammer Fridge Fresh Air Filters!

Deals | May 19th, 2022


Discounted Item: Eight Arm and Hammer refrigerator fresheners
Price at time of Publishing: $16.99

Put freshness where your mouth is!

Keep your food, drinks, and everything in your refrigerator tasting fresh and delicious! The Arm and Hammer fresheners safely eliminate odors so foods taste fresh longer. Instead of the box of baking soda that can topple over and make a mess, use these easy to use, stick on, replaceable fresheners. The replacement Indicator shows you when it's time to replace the unit. Typically each lasts for approximately three months. Then open the container and replace the packet for continued freshness. For additional use, cut open the packet and rinse with running water into the garbage disposal or sink drain to freshen that space as well!

The Arm and Hammer Fridge Fresh Air Filters 8-Pack is now $16.99, down from $34.99, a savings of $18.00!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.