Save 60% on a Vinyl Record Cleaning Set!

Deals | October 7th, 2021


Discounted Item: One Vinyl Record Cleaning Set
Price at time of Publishing: $17.77

Keep your vinyl collection in pristine condition!

Vinyl has made a comeback for a reason but it still needs to be cared for. This set will keep your records like new with a velvet brush, anti-static cleaning solution, and stylus cleaner. You've invested in something well worth collecting, so take the time to extend the life and sound by keeping them clean, static, and dust-free.

Even tiny particles can cause scratches which result in skipping. Get started now in preserving your treasured vinyl music.

This Vinyl Record Cleaning Set with Velvet Brush, Anti Static Solution Fluid, and Stylus Cleaner is now $17.77, down from $44.50, a savings of $26.73!

Click here to add protection and prevention before damage has a chance to happen!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.