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November 21st, 2023
Claim Your FREE COVID Tests!

It’s the start of a lot of traveling and get-togethers. Of course, you wouldn’t want getting sick to get in the way of enjoying this joyful time of year. Make sure everyone’s healthy with these free tests.

How to Claim: Place your order for your free tests through the USPS.

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October 28th, 2023
Claim Your FREE Holly Clark Autograph!

If you’re a fan who is always races to cheer on your favorite drivers, you’re going to want to race to claim this cool offer from Holly Clark Racing before i...

October 22nd, 2023
Claim Your FREE Mary Kay Samples!

Treat yourself to your own little facial refresh right at home. If your skin isn’t feeling its best grab this freebie! 

How to Claim: Choose the sample you w...

October 21st, 2023
Claim Your FREE Peanut Butter Puffs!

Peanut butter snacks may have gotten a whole lot more peanut-buttery. If you love peanut butter flavored snacks, you’re going to love grabbing a free back of t...

October 9th, 2023
Claim Your FREE Freeze-Dried Dog Food!

When you look at some of the weird ingredients in name-brand dog foods, it makes you want to say “woof” (not in a good way). Turn that “woof” into a good one by trying out this dog food offer.

How to Claim: You can apply to be chosen to sample the product.

Savvy Star Rating: 3/5 ⭐⭐

October 7th, 2023
Claim Your FREE Baby Food!

You want the best for your li’l one, which starts with giving them the best nutrition possible. These lil’ meals are made with veggies, no added sugar, and f...

October 1st, 2023
Claim Your FREE Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert!

If the fall season thinks everyone’s going to stash away frozen treats until next summer, it’s got another thing coming. Keep the deliciousness of frozen tre...

September 26th, 2023
Claim Your FREE Admission to LEGOLAND!

If your family loves building and creating with LEGO, you’re going to love building a super fun day by spending it at a LEGOLAND Park! Best of all, you don’t...

September 25th, 2023
Claim Your FREE Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread!

Sourdough is one of the heartiest breads coming from the bakery. With this offer, you’ll be able to enjoy a whole lot of hearty sourdough without spending a he...

September 25th, 2023
Claim Your FREE La Roche-Posay Moisturizer!

This offer is a big “yay!” if you love La Roche-Posay, as you can enjoy a trial-size of one of its bestselling moisturizers. It’s a fabulous opportunity fo...

September 17th, 2023
Claim Your FREE Sample of Mushroom Coffee!

More and more people are seeing the benefits of mushrooms as a superfood, which is why they choose to start their day with it. Find out what the hype is about by trying out a free sample!

How to Claim: The sample offer comes up as a pop-up when you land on the page Savvy

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September 4th, 2023
Claim Your FREE Box of Soft-Baked Brownie Bars!

Managing your desire for sweets is easier than you might imagine: go ahead and give in to them! You'll find contentment in the delightful sweetness and the use of premium, wholesome components present in these delectable brownie bars.

How to Claim: Sign up through SocialNature to see if you can claim the offer.

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