10 Fun and Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Blog | April 4th, 2023

We’ve come a long way from the days when the smell of vinegar-based coloring was our only option for beautiful Easter eggs! That lingering scent was almost enough to turn decorating into a dreaded chore rather than a fun-filled activity. With kids being highly resilient, they forged ahead to complete the colorful and well-intended holiday tradition. Hopping forward, we now have other sweeter ways to dye eggs without being forced to put them all in that one messy basket! Here are some ways to make every egg a prize!

Cool Whip Eggs

Far from the days of vinegar is the coloring technique so good you’ll want to taste the other rainbow!

How it’s done:

-Spread Cool Whip onto a baking sheet about an inch deep.

-Drop dots of neon food coloring over the cool whip and use a spoon to gently swirl the color.

-Do not over mix!

-Roll the eggs in the mixture, careful not to mix the colors, then place them in the fridge for 30 minutes.

-Rinse and gently dry them off.

Coffee Filter Eggs

Here’s an inexpensive, fun, and odorless way to brew up some fabulous eggs!

How it’s done:

-Color coffee filters with markers.

-Placing the pointed end of the egg in the middle of one coffee filter, wrap and secure the top with a rubber band.

-Hold the rubber band end with one hand and lightly spray with a water bottle until the colors begin to blend and bleed…don’t over saturate.

– Place sprayed eggs in a cupcake tin and allow to dry.

-Carefully unwrap and enjoy!

Sticker Eggs

This is great for the little ones! Simply place stickers like these on hard boiled eggs and enjoy the fun!

Kool Aid Eggs

Another easy, pleasant-smelling way to color is with Kool-Aid!

How it’s done:

-Pour ⅔ cup of water into individual containers.

-Add a full packet of Kool-Aid mix to each and stir well.

-Place one egg into each cup.

-Leave the egg in for about a minute, until the desired color is achieved. 

-Place the egg on a paper towel-lined tray or in a clean, empty egg carton until dry.

Sharpie Speckled Eggs

Here’s a fast and easy way for decorating that’s cute and completely satisfying!

How it’s done:

-Place a sticker with a distinct shape on a hard-boiled egg.

-Using a sharpie, add “dots” around the sticker, beginning with many close together and fading as you move from the sticker.

-Be sure it's dry then remove the sticker for an adorable and unique design!

Glittery Sparkle Eggs

If sparkle is your thing, this is your way to color!

How it’s done:

-Add glitter to disposable cups, one color per cup. Or make one multicolored.

-Apply modge podge directly onto hard-boiled or plastic eggs using a paintbrush.

-Roll eggs, one at a time in desired colors.

-Allow to dry for about an hour for glitter to adhere.

Watercolor Eggs

The word “watercolor” by itself sounds like spring and now, little ones can see the magic unfold, just in time for Easter!

How it’s done:

-Save and wash single-serve jello or pudding cups.

-Place one hardboiled egg in each cup.

-Add paint in additional disposable cups, one color per container.

-Using a dropper, slowly dribble small amounts of watercolors over each egg and watch them transform into the colors of Easter!

-Remove and allow to dry on a plate or in a clean egg carton.

Fingerprint Eggs

The cutest things come from tiny fingerprints and egg decorating is one of them!

How it's done:

-Cut a toilet paper roll into 1-2 inch rings and sit the eggs on top.

-Have kids dip their fingers in the paint and make the body of a chick, bunny, and/or carrot.

-Let the prints dry completely.

-When dry, use colored, fine-tipped Sharpies to add legs, wings, eyes, beaks, cotton tails, greenery and whatever your creations need!

Hand Painted Eggs

This no-rules decorating allows the creative side to flow from young minds straight to the coolest eggs ever…all with a personal touch!

How it’s done:

-Use those toilet paper rolls again to hold the eggs when you run out of room.

-All you do now is pick your brushes, dip in paint…and go…using the egg as your canvas!

Plant Power Eggs

Veggies aren't just good for you, they're good for dying eggs, too!

How it’s done:

-Use regular dyeing techniques, mainly soaking the hard-boiled egg in the “deep-rooted” colors until you reach your desired look.

-In this case just remember…grape juice makes dark purple, blueberries (fresh or frozen) make light purple, fresh beets make red, and spinach makes green.

-Feel free to experiment with your kids for other colorful discoveries!

-For ultra-detailed instructions, click here!

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