10 Home Chores You Didn’t Know You Could Outsource

Blog | February 11th, 2022

Outsourcing home chores will cost money, but it is worth it for the time that you will get back to do more things for work or play. Time is money! There are many services available now that outsource all kinds of home chores. If you need more time in your day, read our list of the ten home chores you didn’t know you could outsource!

Lawn Care

Outsource lawn care, especially if you need something more specific done than simply cutting the grass. Hire the pros to pull your weeds, plant your flowers, and give your grass a clean cut! Also, there are always neighborhood kids looking for a summer job, so sometimes, you can pay very little for yard and lawn care.


Dry cleaning services are crucial to the longevity of some of your clothing, but you can also get some help in the everyday laundry department from these cleaners! Usually, they will charge by the pound.

Pet Care 

Beyond the usual dog boarding, if you go away for a long trip, many dog care places offer bathing, grooming, and daycare services for a moderate price. This is a great way to reduce stress in your life if you have a particularly busy day ahead of you or you won’t be home for many hours due to an event. Your pup will probably enjoy a day out with dog friends too!

Grocery Shopping 

Grocery shopping services are widely used now. Apps like Instacart have almost monopolized this structure! It is very easy and won’t cost you a ton of cash. They do charge delivery fees and recommend tipping, but beyond your general grocery bill, you can expect it to come out fairly cheap.


If you have a few scuff marks that need to be covered or baseboards to be repainted, outsource it! Plenty of painting companies will make house calls for small projects, and it is always best to have these things handled by the pros. You can expect to pay a price dependent upon the time it takes for them to complete it.


A big part of cleaning is organizing. Hiring an outside company to do the organizing in your kitchen or closet not only helps you get your home in order but also helps hold you accountable for getting rid of items. They can be pricey at times, upwards of a few hundred dollars, but worth it in the end. It will be easier to determine your shopping needs in the long run.

School Transportation 

Let the kids ride the bus! Perhaps you can organize a carpool with other busy parents in the school system. School transportation can be a stressful task, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Plus, this is one outsourcing tool that may end up being free for you!


Of course, many people outsource their house’s daily cleaning. However, the deep clean that many people find exhausting and overwhelming is also something you can outsource. Hire someone to wash those baseboards and shampoo your carpets from apps like Thumbtack or your local cleaning service! Prices will vary for this, but you’ll most likely pay by the hour.


Again, outsourcing cooking isn’t a revolutionary idea, but switching to a meal-prep service from a local business or grocery store is a great way to feed yourself and your family home-cooked meals without spending a ton of cash on a personal chef or going out to restaurants. The cost will likely be similar to what you would spend on groceries anyway.

Everyday Errands

Hire a personal assistant. It may sound crazy, but if you find yourself with everyday errands and odd jobs piling up, you may need it. There are people online through job-hunting apps looking for this kind of work. Depending on the hours you’d need their help, you could come out of this paying less than $100 for a few hours of much-needed help. If you find yourself with extra time on your hands, consider doing one of these outsourced tasks as a side-hustle!

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