11 Free Activities To Do With Your Kids During Spring Break

Blog | March 14th, 2023

Break time should be a fun time combined with learning that equals a spring vacation to remember! When kids are out of school keep the brain active with “undercover fun” and memorable things to do. In other words, have a blast while secretly teaching kids in ways that are treats for them and wrapped in savings for you! Move forward towards spring break 2023 and enjoy free activities the whole family will love!

Growing Hand Prints

It’s true, we can only hold our kid’s hands for a short time but there’s nothing stopping us from growing them! Here is a spring-filled, learning piece of art!

How it’s done:

-Using disposable pie tins, punch a few small holes in the bottom for drainage.

-Fill with potting soil.

-Make a handprint in the dirt a few centimeters deep.

-Carefully sprinkle grass seeds in hand print.

-Sprinkle lightly with sand to allow the hand to be seen until the grass starts to appear.

-Keep it watered and watch love grow!

Let it Flow to Make Things Grow!

This groundbreaking experience provides something magical for a child when they see the fruits of their own labor.

How it’s done: 

-Place a terra cotta pot upside down on waxed paper. (Newspaper will stick)

-Carefully squirt paint on the pot beginning at the top (which is actually the pot’s bottom)

-Using different colors, allow your rainbow to run with gravity. 

-Let it dry then flip it over. 

-You now have a beautiful place to let your garden or favorite plant grow!

An ABC Agenda

While away from school use those first fundamentals to create fun things to do! Starting with the letter “A”, brainstorm simple ideas that start with that letter. Such as apple picking. Move down the alphabetical line in the same manner for a week’s worth, if not a summer full, of free things to do that you’ve never even thought of! Next up is “B”, for a possible backyard game of baseball, and the list goes on!

Ice Cream Kick Off

Honestly, ice cream is great anytime but take it a step further…pull out the freezer and let spring break be the beginning of the best ice cream in town…homemade! There’s no better time to teach your kids this art and keep your family tradition and recipe going!

Tickets to Read

Read and receive! Often public libraries provide free tickets to the zoo and more which will give you and your family a whole day of fun, learning, and photos! Do some digging and check out other options for hidden gems and free offers in your area!

Start a Garden

If you live where it’s warm, start planting! If you still have snow on the ground you can still plan! Both will be a win in ways to learn now and harvest later!

Pick a Picnic Paradise

It’s too bland to say go on a picnic, so add a step of excitement and dine somewhere spectacular, yet free! Search for a waterfall, dine at the top of a really big rock, or pull up a float and eat poolside!

Spring Break Friend Week

We’ve all been there with the want and need to get together with friends and family. Our intentions are pure to visit those that are alone or see those we haven’t in years. So make this week the time to do it and enjoy it with no future regrets!

Bubble Art Memories

Use this beautiful week to take a lot of photos. As we know, having a photo matted and professionally framed can cost a fortune. Using bubble art, create a spring background on poster board, let it dry, put it in a frame surrounding your favorite photo. Now you have a memory on top of a memory and it’s practically free! Simply add paint to a bubble mixture, then use a straw to blow bubbles. Use your board to catch the bubbles and create a fun pattern.

Pet Sit

While you’ve got the time, do the opposite of spending and earn some cash the fun way! Play with dogs and cats while keeping them safe and saving for something special or future summer adventures!

Splash without Cash

Many parks and public locations have free splash pads for cooling off while deeper waters are still warming up!

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