13 No-Cost Holiday Traditions That Your Kids Will Love

Blog | November 24th, 2022

Christmas has become so busy that often there’s no time for the magic. Let’s take a trip back to simpler times when it truly was the little things. Help your kids experience the feeling like no other while bringing back something so special even the adults will believe again! Keep reading for thirteen no-cost activities that will become traditions cherished for years to come!

1- Make wreaths using only gifts from nature for an old-fashioned, pine-smelling touch of Christmas. Pine branches, holly berries with leaves, pine cones, acorns, small sticks, and such will be perfect! Make a few for early and free gifts as well! 

2- Go Christmas caroling in your neighborhood. You might meet and make some lifelong friends while spreading the holiday spirit. Sharing a candy cane is a nice, super low-cost touch!

3- Make magical reindeer food with oats and glitter or shiny sugar crystals. Or save the mix for Christmas Eve, put it in a baggie, and attach these free printables before passing them on to the kids. Don’t be surprised if hoof prints appear and then suddenly vanish as if they ate and flew. Parents, create the magic here! 😉

4- String popcorn for an old-fashioned touch on the tree accompanied with family time and real conversation. You can’t string popcorn and look at your phone at the same time! It can even double as a tasty snack!

5- Search and give your brand new unused toys and gifts to others that are less fortunate and may otherwise not have a gift at all. Your heart may grow three sizes with this activity!

6- Make homemade gift tags. They will mean so much more and include lots of giggles while being assembled! Did you know that handmade is also heart made?

7- Watch a Christmas movie and theme dinner around it. For example, Home Alone with cheese pizza. Elf with spaghetti. A Christmas Story with Chinese food. We have to eat dinner so technically it’s a free activity that will become a tradition.

8- Set up a holiday bake sale. This may cost a little upfront but ultimately you’ll make a profit, have a blast, and put a smile of simpler times on the faces of others. And hey, if someone doesn’t have the cash, spread some Christmas cheer and give a free gift!

9- Write letters to soldiers overseas. This will warm your heart and especially theirs while making kids aware of the sacrifices being made. They will truly appreciate having their family at home, too!

10- Put on your pajamas at dark on Christmas Eve and go for a ride to see Christmas lights. This is the peak of peaceful magic while all is still calm and bright. Just “don’t forget to hang up your sock, ’cause just exactly at 12 o’clock he’ll be coming down the chimney down!”

11- Do a family photo shoot with your phone and then post on social media to wish friends and family a Merry Christmas…for free. No postage needed.

12- Make snow ice cream if you live where it snows frequently. Scoop the top off of freshly fallen snow. Preferably from the top of a car etc., not the ground! Or put out containers and catch a few bowls full. Add milk, sugar, and vanilla for a magical free treat.

13- Do secret Santa with your family and instead of gifts do a kind gesture without getting caught…just like the real Santa. Put the dishes away, fold the clothes, clean a room, pick up puppy poop in the yard…the list is endless, and being sneaky will be exciting and fun! Plus the recipient will be thrilled.