14 Must-Buy Items from Aldi

Blog | February 28th, 2023

The old fashion neighborhood grocery stores have morphed into all sorts of directions from specialty stores to the ones that require a membership to reap the savings. However, there is still a stand-out store that’s prominent in most areas across the country even though it originated in Germany! Aldi is a one-stop shopping spot that requires no membership yet allows you to bring home tremendous savings! You may need a quarter for the shopping cart and it is a BYOB establishment…bring your own bags. It’s a great place for organic items as we realize the need to remove pesticides from our bodies and replace them with non-chemical health-inducing ingredients. At Aldi, you can get the goodness at a price you can afford! Overall, Aldi has taken the country by storm by winning over shoppers, and here are some of the best reasons why:

Organic Olive Oil

Don’t ruin your foods with rancid oils when you can easily go organic with hefty savings at Aldi!

Organic Coconut Oils

While great for cooking, organic coconut oil can be also used for oil pulling, healthy teeth and gums as well as a skin softening all-over body cream!

Tortilla Chips

No party is complete without them! Get more, pay less, and bring home chips that are just as good as name brands! Grab a few jars of Aldi’s amazing salsa while you’re at it!


How sweet it is to get any and every kind of sugar to create baked items as good as Grandma’s! Whether your taste is white sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, or cane sugar, you’ll always get a deal!

Chocolate Chips

Here’s another top-of-the-list item that’s right up there with Hershey’s and Toll House. The only difference is the lower price!


Both kids and adults love cereal and either can go through a box in the flash. Aldi does sell name brands which is not the greatest deal, so check out their own tasty brand to bring home huge savings and stretch your breakfast and snacking dollars!

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a prime item to stock up from Aldi! They even have a natural version to keep the mystery ingredients away.


Forget the margarine which some say is molecularly similar to plastic and go with an all-natural, great deal on real butter! Bake with it or butter your bread, either way, it’s a money-saving win!


The price of milk can “moooove” up and down but no matter what, you can get the best deal on this dairy at Aldi.


Earth Grown organic tofu is great stir-fried, grilled, scrambled, deep-fried, and an awesome staple for vegans! If it’s great tasting, affordable tofu you want, Aldi is your place!

Queso Fresco

When gooey, melted Mexican cheese is what you’re craving, Aldi will not disappoint! Added to tacos, tostadas, and even Mexican corn on the cob, this is one item you’ll go back for!

Simply Nature Organic 100% Grass-Fed Ground Beef

That’s right, Aldi has the best in beef! You can’t do any better than organic, grass-fed for your family, so stock your freezer with the meat you can feel great about for everything from burgers to spaghetti!

Burman’s Hot Sauce

When your dishes need a little kick, you can adjust your own heat level with this hot sauce that rings up at only a couple of bucks a bottle!

Tuscan Garden Ranch Salad Dressing Mix

Make room for more ranch by replacing bulky bottles with space-saving packets! Another Aldi favorite to add flavor to far more than simple salads and you can get it for way less than a dollar per package!

This list could go on indefinitely, so use it as your inspiration to head out to Aldi and experience what great deals and savings look like in person! 

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