14 Nearly No Spend Valentine’s 2022 Date Ideas

Blog | February 7th, 2022

Valentine’s Day is meant for those we love but none of us love wasting money. Not that spending on your sweetheart is a waste, but it is possible to make more real memories while spending less. Let’s face it, merchants sometimes take advantage of your heart by only serving specific menus with the price triple what you might expect. Save some cash and give from your heart with these 14 nearly no spend Valentine’s Day ideas!

Design Your “Art” Out 

Pick up a couple of inexpensive canvases at a discount or craft store. Add some brushes and acrylic paints. Spend part of your evening, each painting something you love, then swap gifts with your sweetie.

Bake Out

No this isn’t a typo. Replace the expected M with a B and get in the kitchen to stir up some real romance! Put together a pizza, make some cookies, or see who can top a bowl of ice cream with the most unique and tasty toppings. Don’t be surprised if you have a Hallmark moment and wind up holding hands as you both reach for the same ingredient at the same time.

You’ll Be Wanting Smore

You don’t have to go outside in the cold to make “s’more” of your night! Bring out the graham crackers and chocolate bars to toast the holiday and marshmallows over your indoor, wood-burning fireplace. Enjoy your dessert on a blanket that’s made more for snuggles than picnics!

Candles Never Grow Cold 

Candlelight is the pure essence of setting the mood for everything cozy to romantic. Any Valentine meal will be perfect with two simple taper candles on the table and the two of you together.

Candles Continue

Here they are again, candles! This time make them tea lights and scatter them all around the room for an intimate glow. Play board games, card games, watch your favorite movie, or talk over a glass of wine. These candles will burn long enough for either and slowly flicker out safely as you wind down and relax!

Why Wait Until Night Time?

The saying goes like this…“Happy Valentine’s Day!” So why wait until night falls to celebrate? Sip coffee as you watch the sunrise! This way you have the whole day ahead of you before the sunsets!

Shake It Up 

Stir up a milkshake, add two straws to share just like they did back in the old happy days! You can always make some extra in case sharing isn’t quite enough.

Dance Dance Dance!

Move the coffee table and create your own dance floor. Play your favorite songs that take you back to those first sparks. There’s no admission and no time limits, so if you choose to, you can dance your valentine night away!

Potluck For Two

Put your imaginations and minds together. Without purchasing anything, go into your kitchen and come up with a combo from what you already have. Who knows? You may hit on a recipe you’ll fall in love with!

Play Cards

This isn’t your typical card game. Instead, it’s a loving gesture involving making and writing a card for your love from your heart. Plus you’ll save enough to at least go out for coffee! So gather the construction paper, scissors, pens and put your words on a handmade card, then seal it with a kiss.

Go Fish

Again, not the card game! Really go fishing! Then cook your catch over a romantic campfire or fire pit in your own backyard.

Adopt a Pet

Is it time to add to your family or more love to your relationship? Make sure you’re ready for the big step. If you are, give some love and a home to a precious dog or cat from your local shelter.

Champagne Sunset

Take a car ride to your own backyard, pour a glass of bubbly, cuddle up, and watch the sunset. Be sure to take a selfie to mark another happy heart day.

Step Out For Free 

If you are just heart-aching to go out, check your local options for free concerts, movies at the square, or any other possibilities that offer something free.