14 Places To Shop Local This Small Business Saturday

Blog | November 17th, 2021

This is the time of year for many celebrations! One we don’t want to miss is Small Business Saturday which is November 27. These gems have their work cut out competing against large chain stores. The climb to success has grown steeper since Covid came on the scene. Sadly, many were hit hard and didn’t make it through while others have barely held on. Some, more fortunate than these, have finally begun to thrive and we need to do our part in keeping them alive and well! We can, and if we will turn our focus and business toward those that have worked incredibly hard to get where they are, others might also return and begin to flourish again! You never know where these relationships can lead since many owners actually run their own shops. You’ll have one on one experiences and relationships when fundraisers arise. You can help each other with advertising at local school sports functions. You may even need a job and knowing business owners firsthand could open many opportunities there as well. It’s a win-win for all, so let’s get started toward helping each other! Here are some great small businesses, shopping options, and unique gift ideas for your holiday purchases and beyond!

Local Farmers Markets

Make it a point to support local farmers that literally get their hands dirty for you. The crops may be smaller but their produce is better than the mass-produced, pesticide-coated fruits and veggies that never seem to rot. You may need to use them faster, but you’ll want to because they taste so much better as well as being a safe option. 

Purple Prairie

This is the place to go if you want safe, real ingredients soaking into your skin. Purple Prairie has one brick-and-mortar building but they ship their fabulous goods anywhere in the US! Check them out here.

Hair Salons

Chain haircutters may be faster and on every corner, but the locally owned talents are likely more personable and will take their time to listen and give you the style you truly want. Happy customers mean repeat business, which is exactly what they need!

Pet Groomers

Possibly considered a luxury these days since we could wash and comb our own pets, but there are those things we need help with. Nail clipping is a necessity for pet health along with keeping their teeth clean. Skip the mass grooming at large chain stores and opt for one owner, intimate care. Plus, your pet will feel more comfortable when seeing the same person each time. There will be less trauma for all involved!


Etsy is loaded with small business owners who work hard to make their own incredibly unique items. The other option there is finding vintage items that aren’t a dime a dozen or mass-produced. If you can “think it” you can most likely find it on Etsy! At the same time, you’ll be helping families boost their income, moms be at home with their kids, and aiding in the growth of heart-felt businesses!


Some small bakeries are local while some are also online and set up to ship. Often, these are more willing to accommodate allergies and work with you for a specific look or flavor for your special occasion!

Local Farms

Get your Christmas ham, turkey, and dairy products from small farms that treat their animals with dignity. Why buy meat that started in the US then took a trip to China before it arrived at your table when you can know exactly where your food is sourced? Feel good about what you feed your family while you support those who are doing it right!


Some of the best food ever is served up at one-of-a-kind restaurants with recipes from great grandma‘s recipe box! Sadly, these are some of the first places to fold when times are tough. Bring them back for a fresh start or help them hang on until they thrive again by being a regular dine-in or take-out customer! Plus, you get a break from the kitchen!


There always seems to be a festival going on nearby. Search Facebook or Google your area and set out to support multiple businesses in one convenient location. From food to art, crafts, and other options…you’ll be able to handpick gifts from the cream of the crop talent in your area!

Candle Creations

Wayman Way Co. is one of the unique candle makers that will give your home a cozy, warming touch with their handmade candles. Located in Utah, founded and owned by a husband and wife team that has extensively researched and rigorously tested their products. This knowledge has resulted in beautiful creations and scents in their candles. Special touches include all-natural nonparaffin, soy wax with 100% cotton or wood wicks. Check out these incredible candles here on their Facebook page, then contact them to order! If you’re looking for a unique gift, you can’t go wrong with the magnificent dough bowl candles!

Coffee Roasters and Local Shops

We have all heard of the mega-chain coffee shops but have you ever tried the quality and deep-roasted taste found at many smaller businesses? Most offer online ordering of bagged coffee with many options to choose from, most importantly organic. Grounds and Hounds take it a step further and donate part of their profits to animal shelters! Whether you want to have a stash at home or a cozy cup on a chilly day, check out the special, personal touches you’ll receive from locally-owned coffee shops and small-batch roasters.

Neptune Jerky

Forget buying this stocking stuffer and pantry staple from megastores brought to you from unknown places! Enjoy the taste and quality from reputable small businesses like Neptune Jerky who sustainably source their fish off of the west coast.

Food Trucks

Somewhat new on the scene, many small businesses get their start with a food truck. And surprisingly, many food trucks continue their businesses right where they are! Owners have their limits but that keeps them grounded in what they know best. That in turn, gives you the best of the best in specific categories. From the amazing aroma of smoky barbecue, tacos, donuts, cotton candy, truly tropical shaved ice and so much more…the owners of food trucks have their expertise down to a science as they pass the no-frills savings and deliciousness on to you. Thank them by supporting them!

Antique Shops

Everyone deserves a second chance and that includes a redo when we make mistakes to recovering from a pandemic. Something else that deserves another round in life is furniture and memories from the past. Keep antique stores across the country afloat by investing in and bringing a blast from the past into your own home. Let’s face it, they don’t make furniture like they used to as you will see when you test out items made from real hardwood! Are you getting back into vinyl record albums? Visit your local antique stores for the perfect playing option. Restock your cabinets with vintage glassware, mugs, dishes and so much more that has a story behind them and many future stories to tell! 

Don’t be a one-stop shopper at these small businesses! Make it a regular habit and part of your everyday purchases! They have been there for us. Now, it’s time to do the same for them!