17 Free Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy Indoors

Blog | January 31st, 2023

Whether it’s rainy days, Mondays, or snowy, cold days that always get you down, we need to figure out a way to get you back up again! Typically, a fresh layer or two of snow is a fun day outdoors, but often it is icy and slushy and that’s no fun for man, beast, or kids! On those stormy days that are made for indoors and warmth, we have a list of fun, basically, free things to keep kids far from any thought of being bored, but they will definitely be entertained!

Indoor Roadwork

Fill low-sided plastic bins with snow and use Hot Wheels trucks and tractors to clear the roads, build mountains, and more. When the snow melts it can become a lake or pool for other toy figures!

Carnival Games with a Winter Touch

Stack 12-ounce plastic cups on top of each other to form a triangle. Using large white pom-poms for snowballs, (or clean rolled-up socks) whoever knocks down the most cups with the least throws wins!

Balloon Tennis

Using balloons and bare hands or new fly swatters, let’s play ball! Be sure to clear away any breakables just in case the competition gets fierce!

Ice Cream Snow

When there’s a storm brewing, sit clean plastic containers outside in a secure place. Bring the bowls of fluffy snow inside and mix lightly with milk, sugar, crushed candy canes, and vanilla for a tasty treat that can only be served in winter!

Indoor Ice Hockey

Freeze a pan or cookie sheet of water either inside or out. Using plastic spoons for hockey sticks and bottle caps for pucks, with Legos working beautifully for goals, you’ll be the true winner while kids continue to play and score for hours!

Snowman Twister

This is a winter version of the classic Twister game only adorably fitting for the season. You will find the instructions and FREE printables here!

Marshmallow Snowman Challenge

Use dreary days to see who can build the tallest marshmallow snowman! This is a great and yummy winter activity! Simply stack large marshmallows in a snowman shape and whoever has the tallest without falling over wins! It’s really a win-win because you get to snack on those sweet puffy “building blocks”!

Ice Globes

You’ll be outdoors temporarily, then you have a view to admire from the warm and cozy inside! All you need is balloons, water, food coloring, and really cold weather! Add food coloring to the inside of the balloons, fill with water, tie them, and freeze them. When thoroughly frozen, peel the balloon off and place a tealight underneath for a magical, colorful glow on your porch, steps, or scattered about your yard!

Living Room Camp Out

This will be so cozy no one will want to leave! Set up an indoor tent in the living room complete with pillows and blankets. A view of the fireplace (campfire) is best. Serve s’mores, bagged chips, easy dips, and have plenty of bottled water in a cooler. Swap the electronics for flashlights to tell ghost stories. (which are more comforting told indoors!)  Play simple games like dominoes, Jenga, make puzzles, and more. These games and the tent can be wonderful items to double as Christmas gifts while planning ahead for winter!

Make a Hot Chocolate Bar

Nothing says warmth like hot chocolate on a winter day! Unless you add a bar full of marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, candy canes, gingerbread cookies, spices, and endless other ways to spruce up the presentation!

Movie Marathons

Movies always help pass the time with a laid back restful day and back-to-back shows! Hot buttered popcorn and sparkling, flavored water will be the perfect addition to fill tummies and add the essence of a real theater!

Masking Tape Maze

Hours of fun will be had when you build an interchangeable maze out of masking tape on the floor. Then let the kids drive toy cars through the maze until they find a way out! When it gets too easy, reroute the roads!

Fake Snow

You may not be lucky enough to live where the real stuff falls! If that’s the case, make your own fake snow for building miniature snowscapes indoors! Simply mix 2 1/2 cups of pure baking soda and 1/2 cup of white hair conditioner in a large bowl until thoroughly combined. You now have an indoor snow day!

Learn to Dance

From line dancing to waltzing, there’s a dance for everyone! Use these cold winter days to kick up your heels and learn the steps of your choice! Youtube or Pinterest is a great place to start!

Plan and Plant for Spring

If you start with the seed in the warmth of your home, by the time spring arrives you and your plants will be ready to transplant to the great outdoors! Plus, kids will love watching their own garden grow!

Bake Snowball Cookies

If your part of the world doesn’t have snow or it’s too cold to get out and play, the next best thing is making yummy snowballs you can eat! Here’s the recipe!

Create Your Own Gym Classes

There’s no better time than winter to get in shape! Search for videos or make up your own fun family exercises that will have you beach ready by spring!