20 Snow Day Activities Under $20

Blog | January 7th, 2022

If you live in the south a snow day means a no school day. There’s nothing like the tense excitement of watching the closed districts scroll across the TV. You wait and watch as they pass by in alphabetical order. Then finally, there it is and there’s peace on earth again, at least for a day! For the snowy parts of the country, schools may not close because they are prepared with all things necessary to keep roads open and safe. But there they have a winter wonderland all season long for building snowmen, skiing, snow tubing, and more! With the hopes of white powder for weeks or a day or two of icy fun, there are multiple ways to create a winter full of fun for under $20!

Fireplace Camping 

Day or night, a roaring fire inside makes the perfect place to pull out the sleeping bags, snacks and watch the snowfall!

Reindeer Games

Toss red balls instead of bean bags to create a festive corn hole game.

Hot Chocolate Warm Ups 

Make a jubilant cup of chocolate that warms your insides. Serve it with an array of tasty winter-themed toppings like marshmallows, sprinkles, crushed peppermint, or whipped cream.

Build Snowmen with a Twist 

Use glow sticks for eyes to light up his world and your yard. Or make him into your favorite cartoon character.

Float from Summer to Winter

Pull out the pool rings! Instead of your day being a splash, get more miles out of summer toys by repurposing them into snow tubes!

Make Snowball Cookies

Often a Christmas tradition but what better time than when it snows? Roll your favorite cookie dough into balls and after baking, roll again in powdered sugar!

Tic Tac Toe in the Snow

Draw the board with a simple stick or light it up with Dollar Tree necklace glow sticks.

Snow Ball Tag

Combine snow with tag and dodgeball to “snag“ your opponents. The last one standing wins!

Let it Snow Movie Marathon 

Gather all of your winter-themed DVDS and bundle up with blankets, pillows, and popcorn then watch till you drop…while you let it snow and enjoy the beauty!

When it Snows, Make Ice Cream! 

Gently scrape freshly fallen snow into a bowl from the top of clean places like deck rails and car tops. Gather six cups of CLEAN snow or sit plastic bowls outside to collect if you know a snowfall is coming. Add one 14 ounces can of sweetened condensed milk and one teaspoon of vanilla. Gently stir up the sensational, sweet taste of winter!

“Donut” Forget to Build an Edible Snowman!

Start with a box, or two, of Krispy Kreme mini powdered sugar donuts to stack for the body. Add mini everything from chocolate chips for eyes to baby carrot slices for the nose. Pretzels work perfectly for arms and broomsticks while your imagination will work great for the rest!

Sledding on the Slopes! 

In your own neighborhood of course. Plan ahead before snow falls and pick up inexpensive plastic sleds. The lower the cost the better because they will all slide into mounds of fun and barrels of laughs!

Make it a PJ Day!

Extend the joy of going back to bed when schools close. Make that cozy feeling last by relaxing in your pajamas all day long.

Make Colorful Snow Angels

Make traditional snow angels by laying on the ground and spreading your wings. Decorate them with a golden halo and heavenly colors by mixing together food coloring and water in plastic squeeze bottles with pointed caps.

Tell Snow Stories by the Fire Pit 

It isn’t Halloween, it’s winter! Gather around the fire and share your favorite snow stories instead of ghost stories. If you don’t have any, make one up!

Treat the Birds

String popcorn, berries, bread slices, and bird-friendly fruit then put them on trees. Food is hard to spot when covered in snow so you’ll be giving your feathered friends a real winter treat!


It’s cold outside and there are people in the elements without adequate warmth. Use your snow day for inspiration and dig deep to gather up warm coats, blankets, boots, and anything that will help keep someone warm. Call around for the best place to donate and take this mission by storm!

Make Your Own Shaved Ice! 

How convenient that your main ingredient comes already prepared in winter! Gather clean snow and add your favorite flavorings for an instant shaved ice or snow cone!

There’s no Party Like a Snow Party!

Using Dollar Tree decor, cover your table with a white plastic tablecloth, white plates, napkins, and utensils. Serve clear beverages, like sparkling water, in clear cups. Cut white bread into snowflake shapes with white cheese for a warm grilled cheese sandwich. You get the snowdrift, so think snow and celebrate big! 
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