3 Great Weekend Trips to Take Before School Starts!

Blog | August 2nd, 2022

Can you believe it? It seems as if school was just dismissed for summer. Now summer items are on the clearance shelves making room for back-to-school clothes, notebooks, pencils, and paper. But wait! Before you pack your school bags, pack a suitcase for one more family getaway to relax and truly unwind before hectic schedules kick in. Time may be short for cross-country travel but a weekend trip is definitely doable! Here are three great options to soak up a little more summer before the school bells ring!

Travel the World Without Leaving Home!

You will have to leave the house but an international experience can be yours without roaming far from your own community. Facebook recommendations and Google can be your best friends as you search for French-inspired pastry and Brazilian coffee for breakfast, lunch from China or Japan, and a realistic German experience to end your day. Taste your way around the world while enjoying the realism of authentic atmospheres. Spend a weekend hopping from restaurants, shops, and lodging immersed in the feel of countries across the globe. Don’t forget to take home a souvenir of your favorite memory made by locals in the country it came from. You’ll be surprised by all the diversities and cultures offered well within reach in your own home state!

Relax and Rejuvenate Close to Home

Instead of a long road trip, locate a unique hotel near you! Leave the stress at home and enjoy these last precious days of summer with no schedules and pending agendas. Instead, sleep in, take a simple elevator ride to a laid-back breakfast then spend the day hydrating in the pool and soaking in plenty of vitamin D. Did you know that vitamin D from the sun helps reduce stress, strengthens your immune system, fights off depression, maintains strong bones and is even known to contribute to weight loss? That being said, let summer sunlight brighten the otherwise dreaded days ahead by giving the boost you need to start a new school year off right! After a carefree poolside day, head to the cool AC, shower, order a pizza or two and snuggle into the cozy, comfortable bed covers for an in-room movie marathon. Tomorrow, repeat the process and return home feeling like you truly had a vacation!

Camp, Glamp, or Ramp Up Something Different!

Everyone has their own style and views on how to enjoy a getaway. With little time left, camping is cool or you can upgrade your outdoor experience with the comforts of home and a touch of glamor, aka glamping. Another option is to book a unique Airbnb. There are hidden gems everywhere and your state is not excluded as you can see here. It’s funny in a sad way that we travel hundreds of miles to touristy locations, yet don’t take the time to immerse ourselves in our own hometown and state. Wherever you choose to lay your head at night, do some “google-digging” and discover historic places, amusement parks, restaurants, or diners plus all sorts of entertainment exclusive to your area as you begin to see the forest beyond the trees in your own local backyard! Put your money in overlooked experiences rather than gas, airline tickets, and other destinations when you have some amazing places in your own neck of the woods! You might be stunned at all you’re missing along with all you can save including money, mileage, and wear and tear on your vehicle and yourself by keeping trips simple and somewhat local!

Welcome the new school year as a continuation of adventures, friendships, and exciting days ahead…inspired by a summer filled with the same!