3 Price Tag Hacks Costco Doesn’t Want You To Know

Blog | December 29th, 2021

Costco is a company that was built on helping customers save money and manage their spending. The name Costco, short for Cost Company, says it well! Costco is the fifth largest retailer in the world, with a multi-billion dollar worth and operations in eight countries. The overwhelming size of Costco does not deter them from being and feeling like a family business. They care about consumers and strive to pass unbeatable savings along. There are a few secret tricks to look out for to maximize your Costco savings. Let’s get the scoop on those savings now!

With Costco’s already amazing prices, they are not known to sport big flashy sale signs. But if you look closely at their price tags, it will give you insight into what kind of deal you can expect!

Follow the Asterisk

In this case, we are referring to a little star called an asterisk. This symbol usually means there is more information to come. When Costco uses an asterisk, it means more may not be coming. If you see this symbol at the upper right corner of the price, you may want to snag the item right then. This either means the item has been discontinued or is the last of its kind. It may not mean it has been marked down, but it does mean the price isn’t likely to be lowered. If you are unsure but don’t want to regret a loss, keep in mind that Costco’s return policy is superb!

Calling Number 97

If a price ends in “97”, it most likely means it’s a clearance item and is nicely discounted. Many of these are set by store managers so they will vary store to store, meaning if you see a red bicycle ending in 97, it may not be available at another location. It could be seasonal or a slow-moving item that a manager has chosen to move out quickly. Or it could simply be one of the last ones in their inventory. Other numbers to look for are items ending in 49, 59, 69, 79, and 89. These could likely be a signal that Costco received a special deal from their manufacturer, which could translate into a great deal for you!

Double Zeros Could be a Secret Agent Price Alert

When you see 00 in the price tag line up, get your wallet ready because a great price is in store for the first to find it. This code is likely a manager’s discount on an item needing to move out quickly. It could be anything from an opened package to a returned item that is still in great condition to be sold. Check the quality of these items and if you like them, you can save BIG! So as you shop the aisles, be alert for price tags ending in 00!

Summed Up

If you’re willing to take time to crack the codes to Costco price tags, you can save yourself a bundle. It’s much less time clipping and fumbling with coupons, plus there’s no hold up in the checkout line. Learn the numbers and be ready to stock up and purchase as Costco adds great deals and savings every day!

Happy shopping and saving!

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