4 Miltary & Veteran Benefits That You Need To Know About

Blog | April 20th, 2023

Our military and their families give so much to protect and provide for all of us. It's only right that they have some perks to…not repay, because that is impossible…but to say thank you in a small way and remind them how much they are appreciated! Here are some programs for both active duty and vets with a link to learn more and apply for those, or all, that appeal to these brave souls and their precious families!

Waves of Honor – Honoring our Bravest

Seaworld and Discovery Cove are honored to invite those who are serving or have served to experience their parks with multiple military tickets and discount offers. Simply follow the link, select the park of your choice, and use your offer at that park to receive tickets and discounts. There are nine options for active military and six for veterans. To qualify for this promotion, you must be registered with ID.me, then click the button to login to your account and check out your offers. If you are a veteran, click to verify your Military Veteran or Retiree status to be on your way, with your loved ones, for a much-deserved getaway to relaxation and fun times!

GreenCare For Troops / SnowCare for Troops

When military personnel are deployed or are committed to service close to home, their duties to their country come first. With the challenges of military life, these soldiers are giving their all to serve, leaving loved ones at home to care for everything on that front. Sometimes that means a working mom with an infant has grass to mow, yards to maintain and even snow to shovel. For some, these are impossible tasks with their soldier away. With the help and hope from Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops, military families across the nation are connected  to complimentary lawn and landscape services while SnowCare for Troops provides basic snow removal. While sacrificing and serving, this token of appreciation is provided to keep driveways cleared and safe and lawns mowed. Click here to register for this other form of needed service!

Give to Those Who Gave

With extreme respect to our exceptional military for all they do…there are other brave heroes on a different kind of front line. Those are our first responders…beginning with 911 operators that take our emergency calls and get the right person to the situation as quickly as possible. Next, are the ones that take over from there…police officers, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics. Waiting at hospitals are the nurses, doctors and ER techs who are on deck waiting to provide life giving care. Each one of these jobs is stressful, from staying safe themselves to saving the lives they are serving. 1st Tix is on a mission to relieve some of that stress by providing free tickets to events, time to spend with family and friends and inducing positive memories to offset some of the trauma these amazing men and women endure. These 1st responders should simply sign up online and when service is verified, they can request tickets to events that interest them then pay a small delivery fee to receive their free tickets. Start here to create an account…and thank you for your service that you provide on a daily basis!

Club Overstock…a savings for our military heroes who save us!

We all know about Overstock but now, all military, including active duty, retirees and veterans can get something back by being rewarded for their service with a free one year membership at Club O! Nothing can repay the willingness to put life on the line, but shopping with a discount can be a reminder of how thankful so many are for the sacrifice! Military families deserve credit, too…so this savings goes out to them as well! From apparel and accessories, home and garden, children and baby needs, the discounts apply! Confirm your Military/Veteran status here and get your FREE one-year Club O membership and a never needing abundance of heartfelt gratitude from all!

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