5 Ways to Travel the World from Your Home!

Blog | October 25th, 2022

Once upon a time, we didn't quite understand what luxury travel really is. It goes along with the same mentality of wanting what we can't have. When we had no choice but to stay home, it was then that our desire to get out and go came upon us with a vengeance! And now, there is something about autumn that brings out all sides of our wanting mechanism. The vibrant colors painting the world call us out to see, touch and smell it. While at the same time, the chill in the air and everything fall is, creates the need for a warm nesting feel of staying home by the fire to enjoy family and friends. Jumping from the past to today, places and travel options have opened again, yet prices have soared and other hindrances loom over us to dwindle our options for getting away. Let's choose the best of both and travel the world from home!

Make Room for Your Favorite Destination!

Travel is expensive and ends too quickly apart from the memories. Take the cash and invest it into a lasting space in your home that you can visit daily. For example, if Japan is your dream destination, add some Asian flair with the color red. In Japan, red is a favored color and is connected to strength, sacrifice, authority, joy, and happiness. Painting a room or accent wall in your Japanese room would be a beautiful start accompanied by earthy, wood tones or bamboo. In traditional Japanese architecture, a shoji is a door or room divider consisting of translucent panes to add light to the space. Indoor Lanterns give a soft, peaceful glow while small Japanese bonsai trees are simply to be admired. No green thumbs or the need to break your tranquility with stress is necessary when you can admire this faux tree instead. Americans aren't apt to agree with dining on the floor, so add the same flair with a coffee table like this one to occasionally gather round and enjoy a traditional meal or snack of onigiri, yakisoba or yakitori. You can create an ongoing feeling of the most calming interior in the world, which is much needed in our hectic lives. Just remember, in Japan, more is less…and this concept will help you decorate and declutter at the same time! Pick your favorite place and decorate accordingly!

From Decorating to Dining

As we leave the far east and travel to western Europe, our next stop is France! You don't have to go to France to enjoy a candlelit authentic meal, instead, bring France to your home! Bread and pastries are big, really big, in France and you can get yours here! What's a meal (for adults) without an incredible French wine? With a little research, you won’t spend a fortune. Since we are who we are, we did it for you. Crémant is a perfect, plentiful choice and can come from many regions of France, likely costing no more than $20.00! Then there's the Picpoul de Pinet from the Languedoc region of southern France. This wine is made from the local Picpoul grape and can be purchased for $10.00 or less! With wine and bread on the table, the only missing touches are cheese and dessert. This classic French Creme Brulee is an easy choice to make ahead! Now, sit back by candlelight and enjoy the feel of live French music with an online concert. For classical, tune into live weekly Instagram concerts from @philarmoniedeparis and follow the hashtag #philarmonielive or choose contemporary at La Blogotheque @blogoheque for enjoyable, calming weekly sessions. Or you could opt for a French film like these. Add some table toppers of fresh lavender and you are ready to go…or stay…either way you will have a French experience in your own home!

Mexico at La Casa!

Taco Tuesday will hang its head in shame when you enjoy a Mexican feel and fiesta like this one at your own casa! The food is here. Pinatas are here and here. Your mariachi bands will bring it all together and bursting with celebration with this “Amazon Choice” Viva El Mariachi music enriching your experience! Add some quality tequila to pair perfectly authentic drinks with your food from Mexico. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant, so get the good stuff made from 100% agave juice. Fun, festivities, and foods from south of the border will bring this part of the world straight to your home!

Dance Dance Dance!

Learning dances from across the world while being stuck in one place… at home…will open up the culture of different lands. Don’t let confinement stop you from dancing and celebrating all you do have. Check your local area for dance classes or if you prefer being self-taught, check out YouTube options or purchase DVDs. Learn at home, then dance the night away with the Argentine Tango, Samba of Brazil, Flamenco of Spain, Salsa of Cuba, Hula of Hawaii, Traditional Folk Dance of Switzerland, Viennese Waltz of Austria and so many more!

From Your Mailbox to Your Destination

Nothing lasts forever, this too shall pass, it's darkest before dawn…we've heard them all. For the most part, they are true. Whether this is a season for us all or for you in particular and travel is not in the cards right now, just remember one day it will be! And while you wait, gather the family around and yes, I can't believe I'm saying this, take out your phones. Search for the places you want to visit, google their local office of tourism, and request information, real magazines and booklets about the area, what to do, where to eat, best activities, etc. They want you to visit and will be thrilled to send you all sorts of enticing info in full-color catalogs. Soon they will arrive in your mailbox and your family can put away the phones, (sorry) and immerse in hands-on, page-turning, vacation spots. Write down your reasons to visit. Make lists and plans as if you were going next month. Before you know it, the day will come when you are on that plane, train, boat or automobile, headed to the “away from home” destination!