6 Of The Most Popular Summer Home Decor Trends

Blog | June 1st, 2022

The summer of 2022 will officially arrive on June 21. With schools out, flowers blooming, bright sunny days, and vacations on the horizon, no one would argue the appearance of the lazy hazy days being already upon us! Since Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays don’t wait for the “day of“ appointment to decorate, why should seasons be any different? With time flying and summer being gone in a blink…let’s get the party started with six of the most popular home decor trends brought to you by this sun and fun-filled time of year!

Summer Brings the Outdoors In and Indoors Out 

During summer months we take our cooking and dining outdoors with soft lighting and a fireplace of sorts for ambiance. At the same time, we bring nature’s summery sights and scents inside. One popular item that does both with ease is long-burning, highly scented candles from Goose Creek. From southern gardens to blueberry lime aid to marshmallow and fireside fragrances, the first step to experiencing summer is in the scents! The glow of a candle filled with summertime fragrance makes a perfect table centerpiece, and decorative accent and provides a different splash of summer in every room!

Summer Brings Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

With produce in abundance and summer being the time to taste the peak of flavor, you’ll want to stock up on the bounty. As you wait to serve your harvest, use it for decor! Instead of your fridge hiding the beauty and stealing the taste, swap the plastic, dust-attracting fruit and veggie arrangements for real ones! It’s the perfect way to store your crops until needed as well as creating a breathtaking form of decor that won’t need storage space when the season is over.

Summer Brings Boardwalks and Oceanside Entertainment

Picture a ferris wheel in the distance at sunset. Add concessions filled with candy apples and popcorn with a view of deep blue waves tipped with white splashing upon the rocks. This is a perfect summary of nautical Maine and other coastline beauty. Bring this breathtaking feel home with a simple, fresh coat of paint in the shades of the ocean, highlighted with lighthouses and trays of boardwalk treats to welcome family and guests to your own summer retreat!

Summer Brings Childhood Memories 

What are your favorite summer childhood memories? Do the ultimate cold treats from ice cream trucks ring a bell? Nostalgia is always “in” so bring back the past with popsicle decor! If you’re handy with wood, make your own arrangement. If not, order here from Etsy! Other options could include similarly shaped spatulas in yummy colors and cutting a “bite” from the top corner. Arrange in styrofoam with hot glue, surrounded by ivy and flowers…real or artificial…for a splash of decor that will take you back and delight kids of all ages!

Summer Brings Seafood, Bbq, and Ice Cream

While you cook up your favorite tastes of summer, enjoy decor to match. The Dollar Tree has an inexpensive, while extensive, BBQ setting complete with red and white checkered tablecloths, oven mitts, pot holders, hand towels, and more! Your kitchen or backyard will be bursting with the look of the season! Plus, when spills happen and sauces drip, the low cost will allow for affordable replacements!

Summer Brings the Beach

One of the most popular summer decorating themes is, of course, beach simplicity. Who doesn’t love saltwater breezes and the relaxing sound of waves greeting the warm sand? Bring a piece of this happy place to your own place! A variety of options such as seashells, rope, netting, and other similar items can transform and take your home straight to the shores of summer! Create your beach escape on a two or three-tiered tray for the option of moving from room to room and adjusting the contents to fit any season.