7 No-Spend Ways to Support Small Businesses

Blog | November 17th, 2023

As Small Business Saturday approaches on November 25, it’s the perfect time to show your support for the local businesses that make your community stand out. While shopping at small businesses is a great way to boost their bottom line, there are also ways to support them without spending a dime. Keep in mind that your support, even without spending money, can make a significant impact on their success. By using your voice, time, and social connections, you help these businesses reach new customers and continue to thrive. So, mark your calendar for November 25 and make it a Small Business Saturday to remember! Here are seven creative “no-spend” ways to make a big difference and help these hard-working, unique, and deserving businesses reap what they’ve already sown in your special town!

Word-of-Mouth Promoting

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool for small businesses. If you’ve had a positive experience with a local shop, service, or family-owned restaurant, don’t keep it to yourself. Instead, share your great experiences with friends, family, and co-workers. Consider writing a glowing review on platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp or TripAdvisor to give potential customers a trusted recommendation. That’s how many travelers and even locals find what turns out to be a lifelong favorite that deserves many repeat visits. It can also be the key that unlocks a prosperous future for the owners. 

Social Media Support

Your social media presence can be a valuable asset for small businesses. Follow your favorite local businesses on Instagram, “like” it on Facebook, and tweet about it on Twitter. Engage with their posts by commenting often which seems to “bump” the post, making it seen more often by more people. When you spot a special promotion or event from a small business, help spread the word by sharing it with your friends and followers as well.

Create User-Generated Content

If you’re feeling your creative side, consider using it as a positive to help with content for small businesses. Take photos or videos showcasing your favorite products or experiences at local establishments and share them on your own social media accounts. Don’t forget to tag the businesses, so they can see and appreciate your support and even reshare your special and unique content.

Attend Small Business Events

Many small businesses host special events to engage with and get to know the community. These events might include workshops, open houses, art exhibits, or live music performances. Attend these events to show your support and bring friends or family along to introduce them to these local gems.

Volunteer Your Time

Small businesses often welcome volunteer help, especially during busy times or special events. Offer your time to assist with tasks like setting up or promoting the upcoming occasion. By volunteering, you can directly contribute to their success while saving them money and building meaningful connections within your community. This can also be a win for you when it’s your turn to drum up support for your kid’s school, sports teams, and even your own endeavors. 

Offer Your Talents

If you have skills or expertise in areas like marketing, design, or technology, offer your assistance to small businesses. Your knowledge can be a valuable tool in helping them improve their online presence, branding, or simply the way they operate.

Write Positive Testimonials and Reviews

Small businesses often rely on their satisfied customers to build credibility. Take a few minutes to write heartfelt testimonials for the businesses you love and appreciate. Share your positive experiences and highlight what makes them special so others will check them out too.

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