7 Ways to Save Your Sanity and Your Spending With a Needy Newborn

Blog | January 17th, 2024

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a joyous occasion, but let's face it…babies can be a tad demanding while craving attention 24/7. Fear not, exhausted parents! We've compiled a sanity-saving list that won't break the bank. From clever twists on everyday items to attention-grabbing treats created from your own imagination, these six items will transform your world. You can absolutely survive the newborn stage without draining your energy or your wallet. Embrace the giggles and cozy moments with these stress-free hacks that make your journey a little lighter on both your heart and your pocketbook!

Umbrella Stroller

Navigate the chaos with a budget-friendly umbrella stroller. Your tiny tot can ride along from “station to station” as you conquer household chores. Let them watch as folding colorful laundry becomes a mesmerizing lesson in self-soothing, all while giving you the luxury of two free hands. Who knew a $17 investment could be such a blessing?

DIY Baby Wrap

Turn a simple stretchy fabric into a DIY baby-wearing wrap. This budget-friendly alternative keeps your little one close, providing warmth and comfort while allowing you to move freely. Say hello to hands-free cuddles without splurging on expensive carriers.

Sensory Discovery Bags

Give your baby a brain boost by creating DIY sensory discovery bags using everyday items. Cut entire pockets off of worn-out clothing, fill with rice, pasta, jingle bells, and such, then sew them together for an array of different feels and sounds. No time to be crafty? Simply fill old bottles with the same for a quick and easy option that works just as well with a familiar, comforting look. These cost-effective toys engage your newborn's senses and cognitive development without burning a hole in YOUR pocket.

The Heavenly High Chair

High chairs are not just for feeding. They’re also ideal for entertaining little ones that can sit up alone. Using a few soft, cuddly favorites, suction cup toys, and other safe odds and ends such as measuring cups and spoons…your baby's highchair can become a mini and temporary playground that allows you to get things done. Babies will love being at a higher level where they can watch you work in the kitchen whether it be clearing the dishwasher or prepping meals for the family. Plus, baby will be securely strapped in which is far safer than toting them on your hip!

Sock Puppets

Transform ordinary socks into whimsical puppets that will keep baby busy. Not if, but when, they get bored with one you can switch to another color and a different look. Using embroidery thread, which is extremely affordable, sew faces and dangly, fun to touch hair onto a sock and secure it with knots on the inside. If you need to reuse it, simply snip the knots and create a new creature of cuteness! These absorbent characters will also make the perfect self-dabbing device for drooling since everything goes straight to the mouth at this stage in little lives!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall and Other Places

Babies know how cute they are and they enjoy admiring their adorable attributes. Create a temporary mirrored addition beside the crib or attached to the walker, highchair, and bouncy seat to captivate your little one's curiosity. Seeing that precious baby smiling back will keep them entertained and soothed for longer periods of time which gives parents a chance to let those tired arms rest and rejuvenate!

Bubble Wrap Play Mat

Save the bubble wrap from all the baby gifts and purchases, then turn them into disposable play mats. Storing wrap in the garage or basement can attract pests as they turn it into a warm winter home. So you might as well get one more use out of this textured sensory sensation. The satisfying pops and textures will captivate baby’s attention with wonder and giggles which offers a needed break for busy parents! This is a great on-the-go option that folds and fits into your diaper bag and comes to the rescue when distractions are desperately needed!

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