8 FREE Samples You Can Gift for Valentine’s Day

Blog | February 7th, 2024

Love is in the air and so is the irresistible fondness of freebies! Spice up your life and this special day in February without burning a hole in your wallet. As you dive into a world of passion and pocket-friendly treats that will leave you light-hearted and “free”, you can relax without a commitment of ongoing subscriptions or bank account connections. This Valentine's Day, romance meets affordability with a lineup of no-cost deals that will make your heart skip a beat. From lingerie to pure sweetness in edibles…embrace a special gift for your honey, partner, or children, without breaking the bank. Claim your freebies and celebrate the love with no credit cards needed!

Victoria's Secret Sample

Here is a way to feel like a million bucks without spending a dime! Claim your free Victoria's Secret sample and indulge in a touch of luxury consisting of fragrance or frilly fashion. Whether your preference is lacy lingerie or a hint of sweet perfume, let Victoria's Secret add a dash of romance to your Valentine's Day and beyond!

Amazon Gift Card

Unlock a world of possibilities with a free Amazon gift card. From heartwarming gifts to quirky surprises, let your imagination run wild without spending a single cent. This Valentine's Day, the power of choosing is in your hands, and on the house!


Capture the essence of romance with a free perfume sample. Dab on a hint of your favorite and let the fragrance linger to create precious moments and memories that won't fade. This Valentine's Day, make heads turn towards you with no spending required or give a gift that won’t steer you wrong!

Bath & Body Works Sample

Pamper yourself with a free favorite from Bath & Body Works. From soothing lotions to irresistible scents and candles, create a spa-like experience without the spa-like bill. Nothing says “I love me”…or you, more than a little self-care on Valentine's Day.


Satisfy your sweet tooth while claiming free candies that come with a vintage Valentine's feel. We all know that love and candy are a match made in heaven, so bring them together for your sweetheart without breaking your piggy bank or your heart with an overspent credit card bill!


Let your hair down on Valentine’s Day, but when you’re ready to put it up, a scrunchie is a comforting touch. From cute and casual to cozy and carefree, this little accessory is the perfect freebie to add a touch of charm to your holiday style. It’s also a great gift to tuck inside a valentine for the little girls in your life!


Shade yourself and your vision in style with cost-free sunglasses. Embrace your cool side and let your fashion sense shine without touching your wallet. Plus, protecting your eyes is a priceless gift that is fitting for anyone and any age!


Taste the rainbow without spending a red cent! Grab your free Skittles and let the burst of fruity flavors add a pop of flavorful joy to your taste buds on Valentine's Day…or any day! In addition, Skittles are awesome for decorating cakes and cookies to sweeten the occasion!

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