8 Savvy Airport Savings Tips Before Your Next Trip

Blog | February 3rd, 2022

Has it been a while since you’ve taken a trip on a plane? With increased restrictions over the past few years, you may have forgotten about how expensive airports can be! When traveling, flying can be the fastest way to go, but often can be the fastest way to empty your wallet. Before the sticker shock sets in, consider these ways to reduce your travel expenses when flying. Being prepared with multiple ways to save once you enter the airport doors is a must! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Book in Advance

When a trip is on the horizon, the last thing you want to do is procrastinate buying your ticket. You can save hundreds of dollars on one ticket by getting your flight booked ASAP. The further in advance you’re able to book, the more you should save. Always check on refund policies just in case something changes on your end. Often if you need to adjust plans or flights, you can receive a credit back for your money.

Shop Around

Shopping for the best airline deal is a smart move, too! The same destination on a different airline could save you a bundle! Good advice applies anywhere, so be sure you shop around before you book to score the absolute best in airline offers! You can compare prices, flying times, and more on websites like Kayak.

Arrival and Departures

Before you take off, think about your ride to the airport. When you land, do you need a ride to your destination? Parking fees, cabs, and Uber can add up faster than you think! Try asking a friend, family member, or coworker to drop you off or pick you up. When it’s their turn to travel, you can make it up to them by doing the same. It will be a win-win and save you both!

Never Go to the Airport Hungry!

What works at the grocery store works at the airport, too! Eat a good meal that will get you through the airport terminal without being tempted to purchase airport food. Sandwich and snack prices can be scary high. Stash a magazine or two from home in your carry on to avoid that overpriced temptation as well!

Bring an Empty Bottle

That’s right, bring your own bottle to fill up with water once you’re at the airport! The money saved can go towards souvenirs and great meals at your final destination. There are water fountains throughout airports and staying hydrated will be key while flying. The best part is that you can use this water bottle on your adventures to save throughout your trip!

Cash in on Rewards

Don’t forget about frequent flyer miles and mileage accumulated as credit card rewards! Not using those savings is like throwing money out of the airplane window. Some of these incentive programs include free checked baggage which could save you up to $50 or more per bag.

Weigh In!

Traveling is stressful enough. When you find out your bag weighs too much, that will only add to your stress. Be sure to check out the regulations and weigh your bag before you leave home to avoid those not-so-happy, expensive surprises.

Make Your Flight Fun for Free

Flights can be long, especially if you have kids. Bringing your own comfort and entertainment is a must. Some flights include movie options. With every airline different, be sure to download appropriate apps and entertainment before you take off while you have the wifi option. Also, make sure you have a charger for your device. Having a comfy neck pillow hanging on your waist is the trick to a free carry-on that will provide a nice nap or a good night’s sleep which also helps pass the time! Paying for wifi and entertainment for a whole family can easily start to add up.

A small investment of prep and planning will allow you to have more money to spend on things that do matter! Consider starting a budget for your whole vacation or trip before the next time you fly. These tips will help you begin to save. Here’s to money saving travels now and in your flying future!

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