9 Products from Sam’s Club That You NEED To Try!

Blog | June 30th, 2022

The first time you enter a Sam’s Club store it can be quite overwhelming! It’s a huge building stocked with tons of merchandise. Many are bulk items though some are not. Where do you begin on this new membership and journey toward savings? Word of mouth and recommendations are good places to start. But we’ll go one better right here by giving you nine products from Sam’s Club you need to try!

Note: Prices may vary by location.

Paper Products 

Paper products save you time in your busy life and at Sam’s Club, they can also save your money! Long-time customers say Members Mark super-premium paper towels compare to Bounty and are on the top of the list with an ultra-low price tag. A 15 pack of mega rolls each has 150 sheets and comes in at $1.17 per roll! Now, that’s a deal! Other paper products such as plates, napkins, toilet paper and more follow suit with similar savings!

Maple Syrup 

This one may seem a bit random, but as we become more aware of what we put in our bodies, many are ditching fake breakfast items and going with the real deal. Maple syrup is one of those and the Member's Mark brand comes through for us again! You can get a jug of not just real maple syrup from a real maple tree, but you can rest easy knowing it’s organic! This 32-ounce bottle rings in at $11.52 which is far cheaper than Walmart, Target, Aldi, and other stores that are selling non-organic syrup for several dollars more per bottle! Plus, it’s the very best sap from wild maples made by fifth-generation master sugar makers with no preservatives or artificial ingredients!

Copy Paper

With working from home growing more popular, the use of copy paper is on the rise as well! Keep a stock of Sam's exclusive, acid-free archival quality copy paper that is a perfect choice for copying and printing! You’ll get 10 packs, 5,000 sheets per case for $44.98!


When it’s time for new tires, Sam’s Club has a wide assortment to choose from! When you use your Sam’s Club membership, you’ll get the best deal possible. IF you find a better deal someplace else Sam’s Club will match it. They will also discard your old tires if that is your preference. Speaking of cars, if you buy a vehicle through a Sam’s Club network dealer, be sure to report the purchase as you can receive $2,000 of credit in the form of discounts, repairs, and reimbursements. You can even save money on gasoline with your Sam's Club membership!

Snack Foods

If you have a snacker around your house or you have a house full of kids, bulk is the way to go! Always check the expiration date and if it’s far enough out you could save double on crackers, chips, and other snacks at Sam's Club…even compared to other low-cost leaders such as Walmart!


Many prescriptions are substantially cheaper through memberships and warehouse pricing. A recent example stated that 100 pills at Walmart cost $40 yet came in at a grand total of only $10 to $12 at Sam's Club! Several surveys show a savings of 25% to 77% on many prescriptions when you choose Sam’s Club as your pharmacy!

Travel and Entertainment

While shopping at Sam’s Club we are usually thinking more about the aisles filled with great merchandise. But did you know members reap great benefits and pricing on travel and entertainment as well? There are also offers of members-only pricing on hotels, rental cars, tickets to theme parks, sports events, concerts, and much more! There are options to save on more than 8,000 fun places that will definitely add up!


You can buy all sorts of cheese at this mega members market! There’s block cheese, shredded cheese, and string cheese available in five-pound bulk packages. Sure, that’s a lot, but it can be frozen making it a great option for upcoming lunchboxes, after-school snacks, and future holiday casseroles! The price normally comes to approximately $1.15 per pound at Sam’s, which is a much better deal than smaller grocery store prices!

Trash Bags

All these great savings will accumulate more wrappers, boxes, and bottles. Fortunately, trash bags are a great buy here at Sam’s Club, too! Bulk is always better and you can bring home Member’s Mark brand in the 13-gallon kitchen size 200 count box for $18.98. At Target you get 100 bags, the same size for $25.49. Do the math, that means 200 bags would cost you $50.98! When bigger is better, the 90-count, 33-gallon bags are $17.78 which is only twenty cents a bag. Plus you can choose scent choices that include Fresh Clean, Lavender, or go with the unscented stand-by. Compared with Target, a smaller 72-count of 30-gallon bags is $15.59. 

Shop wise and save at Sam’s Club!

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