April Showers Bring May Flowers: Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

Blog | April 4th, 2024

As April rolls in, so do the rain clouds, making it the perfect time to cozy up indoors. Use these dreary days to embrace and brighten the beauty of the season from the comfort you can only find inside your own home…or grandma’s place. Whether you’re seeking to go solo with relaxation or looking for family-friendly fun, we’ve got you covered from those raindrops with a selection of unique and entertaining indoor activities! Instead of letting rainy days dampen your spirits, keep reading for new ways to look at the spring scene that forces you to stay indoors!

DIY Terrarium Workshop

Bring a little piece of the outdoors inside as you create your own miniature garden oasis. Using glass containers, succulents, moss and decorative stones you can enjoy nature even when there’s a torrential downpour going on. This project is a fun and creative activity that puts your imagination to work while it adds a touch of spring greenery to your home. You can find all the supplies you need on Amazon, such as terrarium kits with directions that will give the boost needed to get you started.

Indoor Picnic and Movie Marathon

This one has a familiar ring to it but it’s tried, true, loved all year long and the rainy season is no different. Transform your living room into a cozy picnic spot and indulge in a movie marathon with family or friends. Lay out a blanket…possibly one that’s green to look like grass…pack some easy to make and eat picnic snacks in a basket like sandwiches, fruits and cheese, then queue up your favorite films or TV shows to go with the edible menu. With unlimited streaming services or even DVDs you’ve been waiting to watch, you’ll have endless entertainment options at your fingertips with no better time to dig in!

Find Fun in Photo Management and Reliving Memories

There’s no better time than a rainy day for scrapbooking or organizing and sifting through photos that have been stacking up. Order albums now for low stress, picture sorting that will result in a project you’ll be proud of for decades to come. When the task is complete and the next rainy day arrives, you can enjoy relaxing and flipping through the pages of momentous occasions and a job well done!

Flower Preservation

While the rain showers are busy making flowers, show them off in full bloom by collecting a few before the storms set in. There are all sorts of artistic ways to preserve and enjoy them, regardless of the weather. Flowers can be dried, pressed or taken apart and reassembled into unique art projects for endless enjoyment or gorgeous gifts. This fun flower drying kit will get you started and open up avenues of exciting routes to take towards keeping a touch of spring blooming year-round!

Home Spa Day

Being all wet isn’t so bad, especially when you’re indulging in a tub full of relaxing fragrances and mesmerizing bubbles. Treat yourself to a complete spa day at home and pampering from head to toe. Before you take the plunge into the tub, set the mood with aromatherapy scented candles, soothing music and big plush towels. Next, treat yourself with a luxurious skincare routine. From face masks and exfoliating scrubs to bath bombs and essential oils, you can easily find everything you need to create a spa-like experience at home as you soak in the relaxing sound of raindrops pitter pattering on your window.

Culinary Creations

Christmas holidays aren’t the only time to get the family in on some good baking. For now, forget about the eggnog and candy canes and focus on springtime treats while you get creative in the kitchen. Have a Pinterest marathon and use these rainy days for actually making your years of pinning a reality. You can even go the easy route by using a uniquely themed spring waffle iron as the base of building memories and incredible savory meals to the sweetest of desserts! Who says you can’t build a springtime fire and cuddle up with feel good meals? It’s times like these that will make you appreciate the rainy days ahead that forced you to stay in and enjoy the magic of home!

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