Before You Quit Your Job, Consider These 6 Necessary Things

Blog | October 7th, 2021

If you have a career path you are passionate about and a job that you enjoy, you are among a fortunate crew! But, if you dread the idea of heading into a full day of work at your current job, it may be time for a change. It can be daunting to make a career decision to pursue a new line of work or a different role, but there are checklists to consider that can make you feel more confident in your decision, minimize risk, and keep you well-prepared for future opportunities.

Think It Through Carefully

Dig deep and think through your reasons for wanting to quit your job. Is it just a temporary burnout that can be rekindled? Is it a minor problem that can be easily resolved, or an ongoing issue that simply is what it is? Do you have an alternative route in mind? Is there another job opportunity waiting so that you can go from your current role seamlessly to the next? Think through every reason carefully before you give your notice. We suggest writing your reasons out in a pros vs. cons list so that you can weigh them against each other. After all, you want to be sure your decision is the right one for you!

Do Unto Others

If you suddenly leave a job, how is it going to affect your coworkers? Are they and your boss truly depending on you and your commitment to them? Of course, you need to have room for advancement and growth. You must think of yourself and your family’s future and well-being. A job is definitely a two-way street. You should absolutely want to give your best, go the extra mile, and be an asset. While at the same time, if you are doing these things and are important to your company, you should experience promotions, salary increases, and rewards for your efforts. If these areas have become stagnant, it could be a green light telling you it’s time to go. Just be sure to think through how the changes are going to affect you as well as those you work with. If your value is worth having you stay, it could be time to ask for a raise which would make staying at your job more reasonable.

Consider The Future, As Well As Your Past

Before moving on, think about your goals. Where did you expect to be by now in your career and how does your current role fit into that timeline? Are you happy in your line of work or is your dream a totally different career path? Where do you expect to be a year into a new job? What about five years from now and ultimately as you reach retirement? Choose your next move wisely because hopping around from job to job, career to career, will only have you starting over and never finding fulfillment or ultimate job and financial security.

Be Realistic

Every new job is exciting at first. Your next one will be no different. What caused you to become dissatisfied now and what happens when you hit the low points of a new job? There’s no doubt that new stresses, disappointments, unwarranted rivalries, or second-guessing your decision could arise. Be ready to face the challenges and push past what may have you feeling like you will never find your perfect place. Think about what makes you happy or unhappy in your current job, and see if you can identify questions to ask in interviews to make sure the next job you accept is a great fit for you.

Weigh It Out

Sometimes we get so comfortable in an old pair of shoes that we don’t realize their benefits. Those shoes you’ve been in for years may not be something you should give up for a new pair that have a whole new set of problems. Jobs can be the same way. Before you slip into a bright, shiny new workspace, make sure you check out all of the benefits. Do they offer health insurance, 401(k), sick pay, job security, do you get paid days off or any other incentives or morale boosters? Are those working there now happy and secure? Be sure you know what your salary will be and how often paychecks are issued. Do your homework and compare notes from where you are now to where you think you are headed. Be sure you are taking steps forward and not hidden steps backwards.

Don’t Do It Alone

If you have a spouse, family, or even if you’re single, don’t jump your present ship without gathering information, opinions, and advice from those closest to you. Your move could be very much warranted, or it could be coming from a time of stress, temporary disillusionment, or a dozen other things that could change for the better in a heartbeat. Take the time you need to sort out your decision, you might find that talking things through relieves stress and helps make your choice clearer. Your friends and network might know of opportunities that are perfect for you too. Consulting with those who have your best interests in mind will help give you more perspective to your current situation.

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