Claim Your FREE Bag of Mushroom Jerky!

Samples | March 11th, 2023


Savvy Sample: Free bag of Mushroom Jerky by Eat the Change.
Region: Eat the Change is available at retail store locations across the United States.
How to Claim: Match with the offer through SocialNature and use it at a store near you for your free bag.
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Who said you have to eat meat to enjoy a good jerky? And who said that you even need to pay for it? Eat the Change is saying the opposite by offering its Mushroom Jerky for free!

Those of you who are sticking to the classic beef jerky can explore all the other free samples available here before they dry up (though they really never do).

The people at Eat the Change are definitely not jerks, because right now you can claim an offer to enjoy a free bag of their Mushroom Jerky! Apply to match with the offer through SocialNature and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your free bag. They’ll send you the offer in the mail to use at a store near you to claim a free bag of Mushroom Jerky.

No beef in this jerky, and no cheese needed to get it. Click here to claim your free bag of Mushroom Jerky from Eat the Change!

Savvy Star Rating: 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐
  • Eat the Change has been in business since 2020! 
  • This is offered directly from SocialNature. 
  • Apply through SocialNature to claim this offer.  
  • This Savvy Sample is claimable at a store near you. 
  • This offer can let everyone enjoy meat-free jerky!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.